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Last.fmWe're proud to announce the release of for AppleTV. for AppleTV is a new, rich, visually engaging way to experience your favorite music like never before.  It provides access to radio, artist bios, artist slideshows and allows you to 'scrobble' plays (including plays from the built-in music player) back to your account. for AppleTV is included in aTV Flash 4.2 which is availble today for all aTV Flash users.  Current users with aTV Flash installed can updated to version 4.2 through the Maintenance --> Manage Plugins menu.  Once updated, will appear as an option in the Manage Plugins menu.

Complete details on aTV Flash version 4.2 can be seen here.

Note: Currently radio streaming is only available to users in the US and UK.  A subscription will be required to stream radio.

Update: radio is now also available in: Australia, Canada, Germany, and New Zealand. version 1.0.4 or later is required (update via Maintenance --> Manage Plugins).

Screenshots for AppleTV Radio Playback Artist Slideshows


Can we get something that doesn't require a paid subscription?

Apparently I've reached my trial limit and have to pay now.

So how do I delete this garbage from my menus?

I bought the whole package because of and now the tells me I cant use it in my country. I am starting to wonder why on earth I am paying money. They surely don't want them.

Same here! I have paid for a subscription, am able to use it on my iPhone/iPad in any country I am in, but only on the AppleTV does it restrict my country. Very sad!

I have aTV flash and live in Belgium, for some reason says it's not available in my country

What can I do ... on my PC everythings OK with Last.FM country Belgium shouldn't be the problem

Hi James,

I have aTV flash and live in New Zealand, for some reason says it's not available in my country for that apple tv but your post says: Update: radio is now also available in: Australia, Canada, Germany, and New Zealand.
Can you please let me know what I might be doing wrong? I can sign in but keep getting the 'not available in your country' message.


You'll want to ensure you're running the latest version of (1.0.4) - you can update on the AppleTV via Maintenance --> Manage Plugins.

I've updated the post to reflect the latest version is required. :)

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Hi James, thanks for your prompt reply. I go to manage plugins and it tells me that lastfm is installed and up to date. However The version installed is 1.0.3 - is there a way to fix this?
Thanks :)

Hmm - you may try removing and reinstalling To remove it simply highlight in the Manage Plugins menu, press the right arrow (>>) and follow the prompts.

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Tried that :( Ive tried everything but it still keeps saying 1.0.3 is the latest. Any more ideas?

Update randomly appeared this afternoon! :) Brilliant!

Wow. I like this better than pandora running on Boxee. Thanks Firecore!

I take it back. appletv app just told me my trial was over and wants $3 month to continue using it. Bah! I'm going back to pandora running on Boxee.

I'm running aTVFlash 4.2, and the plugin says "enabled", but the option is not appearing on the menu bar, anywhere. Where is it supposed to be? Between "Music" & "Podcasts", right? I've restarted the Apple TV, disabled & re-enabled the plugin, but none of that made the menu appear. Is there some other plugin or extra that is required to be enabled to get this to work?

recovery.dmg 1.0 tiene que estar en ~/Documents y install smart installer

Sorry - submit a support ticket by clicking the 'Support' link in the header and we'll get you back on track.

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it's error when tag a radio station. any update to fix this?

We're looking into it. Sorry for the trouble.

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Greta news! Thought that I had scrapped my apple tv

ID & password failure dialog here as well. Even tried creating a new account using obscure names and received dialog saying username already taken. Thought this would be pretty cool to use in my studio, but I don't have the time to try any additional troubleshooting. What a shame.

The username/password error is related to your subscription...not your username/password (message will be fixed shortly). Currently for AppleTV streams ad-free radio for which requires a paid subscription. Sorry for the confusion.

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For all the disappointed people who get a country warning: The official client works on ATV Flash, regardless where you are in the world. Just move a copy into the applications folder and you're up and running. I use it with Remote HD, but could also work with other remotes.

Was hoping that at least iTunes scrobbling would be enabled. It's not. Shame..

aTV Flash -> great, -> great, both together -> great^2 but not in Germany

Sorry I don't quite understand instantjesus' workaround.

Are you talking about to copy the client using e.g. Cyberduck to the application folder on AppleTV?

I did it, ATV started up to the GUI and froze.

What did I wrong or misunderstood?

Despite the fact that ATV froze, how can I start the client in the application folder (Remote HD is available)?

Support is highly appreciated.

I can see the menu fine and log in but when I try to do anything it says it's not supported in my country (Canada). Im pretty sure there's no way around this???

no solution actually, but the alternative mentioned above works fine for me.

I am getting a failure notice about ID and Password not correct message, the same problem as Art-Man. Does anyone have a suggestion?

I am getting a failure notice about ID and Password not correct message, the same problem as Art-Man.

Would love a subscription!

I installed Last,FM app today without any problems, however it fails to work when I lunch any of the apps. Popular Music ETC. I am getting a failure notice about ID and Password not correct. I can logon the web based version on my PC and it works fine, any thoughts?

If Does not show up put your ATV in Standby mode and pull the plug wait a few seconds and plug it back in. A Hard reset will work. And LAST.FM will be there.

Unfortunately, this didn't work for me :(

Just updated to AppleTV Flash 4.2. There is no Last FM Plugin in my mange plugins menu. I live in the uk. Can i still get it?

Hmmm....was the AppleTV restarted when prompted after installing the 4.2 version of 'Maintenance' through the Manage Plugins menu?

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I've restarted a couple of times,

Still no

Sorry, please submit a support ticket (via Support link in header) and we'll help get you going.

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Me too

No in the menu bar ?!?

In UK also

How coool is this

So much hype and ONLY at launch date you inform us only available in the US and UK (very disappointing)

When available in the rest of Europe???

Sorry...we're hoping to roll the same features out to other countries soon. No definite date yet unfortunately.

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Glad to see aTV Flash adding support for Last fm. How can I will a subscription?

Hopefully I will win free app. LIfetime ATVFlash subsrciber

Looks like a great project. I used your info in ATVflash

This is fab . . . give me a free subscription, please

Sounds like a winner!

Availability in Canada?

This is BS. I live in Canada but pay for a subscription but it won't work on my ATV. This is a joke.. If i have a subscription that allows me to stream in Canada it should work here too.

Unfortuantely it's out of our hands at this point. We're hoping to add other countries soon.

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Sign me up for a free

Yes... How does one enter to win the free sub to LastFM???


RT = Retweet

Now don't I feel like an idiot... I have been on twitter since it came out and always wondered what "RT" was. Thanks for the education my friend!


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