Seas0nPass for Windows + Progress Update

As the snow starts to melt here in Denver, we're starting to see many of the exciting features that have been under such heavy development over the past few months begin to mature and blossom. Read on for more details on the current state of aTV Flash (black) and what's coming next.

Seas0nPass for Windows

We're happy to announce the public release of Seas0nPass for Windows. Like the Mac version, Seas0nPass is a helpful tool that allows you to jailbreak your AppleTV with the latest firmware, and easily go through the 'tethered boot' process if needed.

Seas0nPass for Windows is free and open source. The Seas0nPass application and user guides can be found at The source code will be available shortly on Github.

New 4.2 (iOS 4.3) update

As mentioned in the previous blog post Apple released a new 4.2 (iOS 4.3) software update for the AppleTV last Wednesday (3/9). While Seas0nPass and aTV Flash (black) are compatible with this new version, some 3rd party plugins such as XBMC and Plex are not fully working yet. If you rely on either of these plugins we recommend sticking with your current version until compatible updates are available.

If you haven't done so already, the AppleTV auto-update feature can be disabled through the Maintenance --> Settings menu. 

Additional codecs and NAS streaming

Below is a new preview of our video player in action. In the demo a full DVD (VIDEO_TS) movie is being streamed from a remote AFP based NAS drive over wifi. Playback is handled entirely on the AppleTV, and requires no server-side transcoding. Full 5.1 sound is also supported.

While this feature has taken a bit longer to complete than originally anticipated we plan to have a preview 'alpha' version (with support for a limited number of file types) available next week. It's taken a lot of work to get this far and we sincerely appreciate your patience.

Comments are welcome below.


Not enough info

Great job guys,

Worked like a charm. First try.


I am happy that there is a Windows version, but my Seas0nPass.exe dont work very well:(

When it comes to "Compressing IPSW.." then i STOPs there and dont wanna continue, why that?

Can someone help me please:(

Please open a support ticket and send us the log file. The log file is located in the 'My Documents/Seas0nPass' folder.

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How about a ssh installer? The one on osx doesn't really work. Annoying 8.100 error.

Please ensure you're using the latest version of the installer which can be found under the Downloads tab in your account.

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Yeah I'm using that one. I send a support ticket about the problem.

Thank you guys for releasing this software makes pain alot easier becasue alot of us using windows Vista or 7 :) thanx again

CageX the world of information

Will you implement the possibility to read an iTunes Database from NAS-Share?

So I put my iTunes in Sync to a AFP or SMB shared folder and mount it on my ATV2 and could use it as if it would by a network music library in a normal iTunes (for example), so I could use my iTunes Playlists

yes please!

Hey get good work keep coming, Looking forward to see boxee on apple TV2, Plex working well so I will ensure not to update apple software.

Woohoooo!!!! There you go NAY sayers, firecore has done it!!!! Good work guys and a big congratulations to everyone that has contributed to the success of this project.

I just have one question for firecore....

Will you be able to stream pictures stored on NAS drives and these pictures being able to make use of the inbuilt transition themes and effects on the apple tv?

Great work once again.

"Woohoooo!!!! There you go NAY sayers, firecore has done it!!!!"

Done what?

I'm assuming you're talking about the "Additional codecs and NAS streaming" section?

Please explain what this proves? How is it any different than:

12/01/10 - Coming Soon, Enable playback of additional media formats & Stream media from most NAS devices.

12/10/10 - Early preview of additional codec support (with pictures)

12/24/10 - Additional Codecs soon to come (with pictures)

1/21/11 - Additional codecs and NAS streaming (with pictures)
COMING WITHIN THE NEXT 1-2 WEEKS (scratched out)

Then nothing more until this article? You're pretty gullible aren't you.

1 of the best post yet, for months now as been pics of what's coming.
If they come out with more excuses by the the of next week of why nothing is released.
We've been had.

Thanks. Smile

We're hoping to add picture streaming down the road, but video is the top priority for right now.

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Good work guys!

How about making Couch Surfer work with the videos HERE:

You should be able to search for the h.264 equivalent ala Click2Flash on Mac...

I'll pass your request along and see what we can do.

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