aTV Flash (black) Beta7 Now Available

We are pleased to announce the release aTV Flash (black) Beta7 for the 2nd generation AppleTV.

Beta7 is a major update for aTV Flash (black) and brings a number of great new features to the 2nd gen AppleTV including music playback, powered artist slideshows, cloud backups and more.

Keep reading to learn more about what's new.

Music Playback

A new music player has been built into Media Player, which allows you to stream most music file types from a Mac, PC or NAS drive without using iTunes. During playback, album art, track info, and artist images will automatically be downloaded from Artist images are used in slideshows that can be viewed while music is playing in the background. Support for folder playlists is also included.

During playback you can navigate away from the current track, and a new 'Now Playing' option will appear in the main menu which allows you to quickly jump back into your playlist. 

Cloud Backups

We've added a new cloud backup feature that provides a way to easily backup all your 3rd party (FireCore, XBMC, Plex, etc...) settings and data to the cloud. Once backed up, a list of your previously saved backups will be available allowing you to to easily restore one of them if needed.

Backups are stored securely in the cloud and will remain linked to the AppleTV's serial number - this means they will always be available even if you update or restore your AppleTV.

Metadata Views

Media Player now features three distinct options for viewing different types of metadata. The the left (<<) and right (>>) buttons can be used to cycle through the views when browsing through your media. More details on each view can be found below.
  1. General (default) view - This is the first view and contains a portion of the synopsis, and other info like who's in the movie and when it was released.
  2. Synopsis view - This is the second view and shows the full movie synopsis.
  3. Technical view - This is the third view and shows technical information about the video file.

Full Changelog

  • Added support for music files (mp3, aac (adts), wav, aiff, m4a)
  • Added AC3 and DTS (5.1+ surround) sound
  • Added playback menu (hold select during playback)
  • Added support for .srt subtitles
  • Added support for multiple audio tracks
  • Added support for chapters
  • Added cloud backup for 3rd party settings
  • Added three metadata views (overview, synopsis, technical)
  • Added MPAA rating to metadata
  • Added support for localized metadata
  • Added support for local cover art
  • Added option to refetch metadata for a specific file
  • Added option to clear all metadata
  • Added toggle setting for volume control
  • Added access to DVD menus during playback (press menu)
  • Added low buffer detection warning (prevents stuttering)
  • Improved metadata fetching (courtesy of
  • Improved progress bar controls
  • Improved AFP/SMB reliability
  • Improved DVD file playback
  • Improved playback of larger files
  • Improved buffering and re-buffering (when required)
  • Improved FF/RW controls for larger files
  • Improved audio decoding performance
  • Improved center channel (voices) audio mixing
  • Improved file sorting logic
  • Improved performance and memory management
  • Improved error handling
  • Resolved screensaver/slideshow related issues
  • Resolved playback issues for files with 20+ streams
  • Resolved issues with AFP volumes with long file names
  • Resolved floating issues with subtitles
  • Resolved issues related to 3rd party remote apps
  • Resolved floating crash in SMB library
  • Resolved aspect ratios issues for certain video types
  • Resolved file browsing related crashes
  • Resolved metadata fetching related crashes
  • Resolved audio queue related errors
  • Resolved Top Shelf related playback issues
  • Resolved playback related memory leaks
  • Resolved DVD subtitle issues
  • Resolved stalls observed with some files during and after FF/RW
  • Resolved synchronization issues observed after buffering some files
  • Resolved audio synchronization issues
  • Resolved rare floating crash observed at the end of some files
  • Resolved resume related playback issues
  • Resolved various screensaver related issues
  • Local files are now hidden when one or more remote shares are setup
  • Minor UI and other miscellaneous fixes

Jolly good! Where can I get it?

If you're already running a version of aTV Flash (black) the new Beta7 version can be installed through the Maintenance --> Manage Extras menu. If for some reason you need to re-install aTV Flash (black) onto your AppleTV links for the new version can be found in your account under the Downloads tab.

New users can pre-order aTV Flash (black) here.

Enjoy! :-) 


What's about support for vobsub subtitle? (Sub/idx)

Dogs, cats, hamsters, fish, parrots - who do you prefer? Or perchance what that non-native animals - snakes, crocodiles, lizards, monkeys?







srt work in aviplayer app on the applel tv whit atv flash?

How do I apply the update? I always read "Go to Maintenance > Manage Extras" but I never see a way to update my core components. yes, Media Player I can click to Uninstall and then click to Install again, but how do I UPDATE? do I need to press some button combo? Also, how do I update the "Maintenance" module? I'm currently running on 0.4-145 and see not update other than running the ATV Flash Black tool on my MacBook.

Finally, will you implement a feature to hide items from the Media menu? My NAS always automatically creates "Network Trash Folder" and "Temporary Items" and they clutter my Media view.. A hide option would be excellen

Keep up the great work!

Any answer to my questions? Thanks in advance!

Hi I have a question, I have 2 apple TV 2 and if i buy ATV Flash can I install this software in both devices or do I need to buy seperately for each devices? Thank you.

Log says that 'could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open 35 (resource temporarily unavailable)

When I update through the maintenance menu the installer says that update has been succesful but both maintenance and media player is not updated. When I try to rerun atv black from mac it says maintenance has failed.

Hello I'm french and my English is not very well
I paid today for aTV Flash (black) Order N° 95358 (19,95$)
I have an Apple TV2 & IMAC and I connected my IMAC with Apple TV2 with media
no problem
but when I arrive at my movies and when I enter a movie or another movie I
have this message :
"Playback error - An error occured loading this content"
Ì don't know what can I do ? please help me I prefer in French if it's
Many thanks

a slight problem with - the slide show causes the system to crash, works fine is you disable the slide show.

Any plans to support Wake-On-LAN ?

Any plans to improve the parsing of the movie name?
It seems to lack the ability to handle names such as The.Movie.Name.2010.720p.aXXo etc.

Yes, filename parsing will be greatly improved in this week's version.

Have an idea for Infuse? Tell us.

Will it be an option to view in grid mode?

A grid view option will be available before the release of version 1.0.

Have an idea for Infuse? Tell us.

i cant download the new version

Excellent work guys,

I'd like to make two remarks on problems that seem to occur here and there:

James has stated a couple of times that re-jailbreaking can fix some performance problems and unexpected restarts. And, yes, it does. I highly recommend upgrading and re-jailbreaking with seasonpass. It solved most of the problems for me (For my first jailbreak I used a different programme). The only issue that is left is a restart when I switch into the maintenance menu too fast, I can live with that, though.

Secondly, some have run into problems when restoring the apple tv after jailbreaking (so did I), e.g. the notorious error 21. Just plug in your apple tv right at your computer, no extensions, hubs etc... For whatever reason the process works fine then.

I have aTV Flash (Black) running with an Airport Extreme and a WD external hard drive connected to the AE's USB port. The problem is that the drive keeps spinning down and does so after about 5 minutes of inactivity. Whenever I pause a movie or whenever I go to access the drive through aTV, I get a network access error until the drive spins up. Any chance you guys could either increase the wait time before the error is returned, or during times of inactivity, but while media player is active, touch the drive to keep it spinning?

My $0.02


*Exactly* the same issue here with Airport Extreme & 2x2TB WD Elements Drives (attached to it with USB hub). These drives have a pretty aggressive powersaving mode and spin down the drives very often (seems less than 5min to me). And then it takes 20-40 seconds to spin up fully. An adjustable timeout would be great and I think solve the problem for good. I wish the drive spindown time was adjustable in the drive firmware but its not.

Just two quick questions
1) Are there any plans to implement Hulu
2) Are there any plans to implement Amazon Prime

I'm aware of XBMC, but don't think either of these really work currently.

please add a VNC client to view and VNC servers on the network like a computer. This would come in handy for presentations

Hi, Enjoying the product a lot.

One area I can't get working is the cloud backup. I select backup from the menu and say ok to backup now. Then it returns to the menu with the spinning disc. After about 3 minutes I get a "low memory" error and the unit resets. Going into the restore backup menu at any time just provides a blank screen with the "Restore BackUp" title. Pressing any buttons causes an immediate reboot.

Any thoughts?



Hmm - sorry about that. Can you send in a bug report?

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More problems with Plex v8.2.1
Can't watch movies anymore !!!!
Everytime when I click on any movie ( avi, mkv,etc ), ATV rebooting.
Please advise
Yes - I have the latest version ATV 4.3

Best to go tell the Plex guys here:

Have an idea for Infuse? Tell us.

Top Movies stopped working entirely. I also can no longer SSH into my system. Please help

Ok. Just updated to beta 7 and lost my plex client from the menu screen. Manage Extras reports that it's installed and v8.2.1 but no show. I've tried to downgrade using this from the Plex forums

apt-get install com.plex.client-plugin=0.8.1

but still no show after rebooting twice.

Subsequent upgrade from terminal using

echo "deb ./downloads/PLEX/" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/plex.list
apt-get update
apt-get install com.plex.client-plugin

has no effect either and nor does an upgrade from the Manage Extras menu.

Any ideas?


Are you running the latest 4.3 AppleTV software? I think the 0.8.2 version of Plex is designed for this version only.

Have an idea for Infuse? Tell us.

I confirm that Plex is after the latest Maintenance release & newest version of Plex not longer visible :-((

Will you guys look at including Spotify Premium in the next update? They have announced that they have now released their API to developers, this would mean an instant purchase for me personally, and I guess a lot of other people. I would really appreciate it.

Updated to latest Maintenance release & newest version of Plex. Plex has disappeared from my menu even though it says installed. What happened to "Hide Menu Items"?

Is there a special way to name TV show video files to help metadata fetching, or is metadata limited to movies at this point?

Also, If there is no fetching for TV shows, can I attribute local metadata to an .mkv file somehow, or must I use the .m4v container?

TV Show metadata is coming in the next version.

Have an idea for Infuse? Tell us.

it's total crap. some of us have hidden menus from last version, this version removes all possibility, leaving us that have hidden menus no way to UN-hide our menus. I disabled a few because i just wanted them out of the way, and now i cannot get them back. developers confirm that they removed this feature, and no information on how to help out people who used this feature in the past.

just let itunes restore back to factory reset , then re jailbreak and add ATV flash :)

Backups are now 0 kb. Whats up with that?

Can you send in a bug report?

Have an idea for Infuse? Tell us.

Hi. I like the music feature, but I just noticed that AirPlay from the apple tv to say an airport extreme is not there? Used to use it with my silver apple tv. Am I missing something or did Apple remove this feature?

Sorry I meant airport express

hi, all,

also after the installation from atv flash (black) 7, i can not play mp3´s.

When i go in the direction with my mp3 library then it´s written no items to play.

What should i do?


Are you running the latest 0.8 version of Media Player? Which version of AppleTV software?

Have an idea for Infuse? Tell us.

how do i update to newest version?

Hi good job , sometimes in some movies avi it's not showing the subtitles also It is detecting the srt file
Also is there a way to open a PDF file

how do i add srt file to the avi file when wathing it on media player

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