Media Player 0.9 Released

Happy Monday! Today we are pleased to announce the release of a hefty update of Media Player for the 2nd gen (black) AppleTV. Version 0.9 adds a handful of new features and a ton of performance related improvements and bug fixes. More details on what's included can be found below.

What's new in version 0.9?

  • Added hardware decoding for .m2ts files
  • Added TV Show metadata fetching
  • Added option to correct movie metadata
  • Added DSI ping for better operation with AFP shares
  • Added folder tagging
  • Added metadata view indicator
  • Added support for metadata overriding using xml files
  • Added DVD menu buffering
  • Improved data buffering and playback performance
  • Improved network error handling
  • Improved filename parsing for metadata fetching
  • Improved NAS drives support and increased connection timeout
  • Improved video loading process
  • Improved playback position detection
  • Resolved audio synchronization issues
  • Resolved problems when streaming from an AirPort Extreme
  • Resolved issues that caused the first subtitle section to be skipped
  • Resolved performance and crash related issues for certain DVD files
  • Resolved audio playback issues when the connection to fails
  • Resolved potential issues in shares handling and filename processing
  • Resolved AFP related crashes
  • Resolved .dvdmedia extensions and folder images not hiding
  • Resolved floating crash during metadata fetching
  • Resolved critical compatibility issues with iOS 5
  • Minor UI improvements
  • Many other miscellaneous fixes

TV Show metadata and folder tagging

Media Player now supports automatically fetching series and episode information for TV Shows. This includes information such as episode name, cast, director, genre, air date, content rating and episode thumbnails. To enable TV Show metadata, the drive/folder that contains your TV Show files will need to be specifically tagged as TV Shows. Details on tagging a drive/folder are below.

  1. Highlight the folder to be tagged.
  2. Hold the center select button and select the 'TV Shows' option.
  3. TV Show metadata will now be used for all media contained inside that folder.

Note: By default, subfolders will inherit the tag of the nearest parent folder. For Example: A folder called "My Fav Shows" has 3 folders inside it: 30 Rock, The Sopranos, and Top Gear. Marking the My Fav Shows folder with a TV Shows tag will cause TV Show metadata to be downloaded for all files contained inside the My Fav Shows folder as well as the 3 enclosed subfolders. Media Player will default to Movie metadata if no folder tags are specified.

Correcting movie metadata

Media Player tries its best to get metadata right on the first try, but unfortunately sometimes it may get it wrong. The good news is that now fixing incorrect movie metadata is simpler than ever! Just follow the steps below to get back on track.

  1. Highlight a file that has incorrect metadata.
  2. Hold the center select button and select the 'Reload Metadata' option.
  3. Choose the correct movie title from the list.

Outstanding! Now how do I get it?

With aTV Flash (black) installed, Media Player 0.9 can be downloaded on your ATV2 through the Maintenance --> Manage Extras menu. If you need to re-install aTV Flash (black) links for the latest version can be found under the Downloads tab in your account.

New users can pre-order aTV Flash (black) here.



For the life of me I cant get the external HDD plugged into the Airport Extreme BS to stream. I can add the share but when I goto browse it does not show any of the files shared on the HDD.


richard valdes

Wrong section!

So, is this thoroughly tested with iOS 5?

P.S. The extended network timeout has resolved all of my NAS spin-up error issues. ROCK!

There are a handful of iOS 5 issues remaining, but all the big ones have been resolved.

Full iOS 5 support will be coming after the official iOS 5 AppleTV software release.

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Is there any possibilty to change the audio subtitle when I am playing vob files?
When I play DVD files the most time the English audio title is used and I often wish to switch to German...
I hope there where more editable settings in the future ...

Yes, audio and subtitle settings can be adjusted through the Playback Menu (hold select while the DVD is playing).

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Thank you, that worked for me Smile

Great release, but I still have issues with ac3. It's working perfectly fine with the Apple TV's standard functions, but like with XBMC I just hear a short pop, then silence. I read in XBMC forums that some people resolved this with a separate optical to coxial converter which I tried also but without any luck. It's extremely annoying having all that great content with ac3, but only getting stereo. Is this issue known? Are there any logs I could provide in order to help debuging?

I am also having issues with the audio with media player .9, I get pops out of various channels when playing ac3 and the audio sounds very loud even at the same volume levels on my reciever when using the movie from my iTunes library with home sharing. Using home sharing and the normal way to play movies the pops are not there even when using the same file. I only get the pops when using media player and playing the same file from a network volume. I even replaced the file on my network volume to see if maybe it was corrupted but it still sounds the same even after replacement.

Can you try disabling the 'Sound Effects' option found in the Settings --> Audio & Video menu and let us know if the issue persists?

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So, I have aTV Flash (black) Beta7 installed. I have the Maintenance tab. When I got into the Manage Extras, I don't have a Media Player listed at all...

I've reinstalled the aTV Flash, rebooted, updated everything (even via SSH apt-get) and still can not see any Media Player in the list of available installs.

What's the trick??

I had the same problem, but then remembered I was running an older version of IOS, 4.2.1. I upgraded to the current one and ATV Flash started giving the options it was supposed to for Media Player, which worked perfectly.

Previous to the upgrade, I went in through nitoTV and installed Media Player through there. That gave me the interface for it, but videos would simply display the first frame, stick on loading for a long time, then speed through a few seconds of video and then crash the ATV back to the main menu. So, Media Player does seem to require your ATV being up-to-date.

That was what I was thinking. However, with the AC3/Dolby Digital issues in 4.3, I will not be upgrading. I don't have enough optical inputs to use that. Every other item I try to stream through Netflix even doesn't support the audio with 4.3. Therefore, I'm stuck at the lower version until it is resolved.

The 0.9 version of Media Player requires iOS 4.3 or later. Sorry.

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Is it possible for me to do the 4.3 update for atv2 even after it is jailbroken and I have installed atv flash? Or do I need to remove atv flash update and then install atv flash again? Also can I just go to maintenance and update my media player?

If you need to update the AppleTV you can run the latest version of Seas0nPass. This will update and jailbreak your AppleTV at the same time.

Once jailbroken you can re-install aTV Flash (black).

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Ever since I updated to the new version a few days ago, my main TV category on the main apple menu will not let me click it. I can only select one of the shows that are thumbnailed at the top. I also can no longer watch any tv shows in icefilms. They simply do not show any source files when you click into a show.

Which version of AppleTV software are you running? There were a few similar issues floating around the Apple forums - it seems it may be related to the transition to iCloud.

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Great work! But...

Would it be possible to add .srt encoding "Central European (Windows Latin 2)"?

That's only thing I miss in Media Player.

Thanks a lot!!!

Can you try using "Eastern European (Windows-1250)".

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Thank you James, works like a charm!

I installed xbmc but it doesn't work very good, so I tried uninstalling the program via the menu. Uninstall worked but didn't remove xbmc. Also when i recovered from an online back up xbmc is still there. How to get rid of it??

NB Keep on working on the media player!

A workaround for removing XBMC can be found here:

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Is there any plan to add an OpenSubtitle metadata agent soon? Lack of automatic subtitle fetching is the one thing really keeping me from switching from Plex, even though Media Player provides better and faster quality.

Yes, this is planned for a future version.

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How much bandwidth do I need to play bluray files? Keep getting buffering and network is slow messages. Also when I enable DTS and AC3 5.1, the sound will not work. It makes a buzzing sound, picture looks ok.


I am having the same problem, did you find a solution? My sound connection is through optical cable.

A wired, ethernet connection is best for 1080p files.

What type of AV receiver are you using? Connected via an optical or HDMI cable?

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Hi guys, great product, keep up the great work!

Any chance of supporting streaming tuners like HD Homerun and guide providers live ICE Guide for live TV in the future?

We haven't looked into it yet, but perhaps in a future version.

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After 0.6 version i have the same problem: i can't configure the connection to my Nas (WD My book world edition II). When i try to connect Media Player to Nas after 30/40 seconds Media player crash and Aptv turn back to main page. Before 0.7 version i have no problem. I've jailbreaked again my Aptv with the last version of season pass and reinstalled atv flash, but the problem remains. What can i do?

You may try updating your NAS device firmware to see if that helps.

If you're still having trouble please send in a bug report and we can look into what's going on.

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Thank you James,

i've upgraded also the nas firmware include Twonky Media server (6.0.37), but the issue rest. It's possible downgrade Media Player to 0.6 version?

How much bandwidth do I need to play bluray files? Keep getting buffering and network is slow messages. I'm using 10/100 wired.

Hi together, if i want to play movies m4v i get the message "Playback error, an error occurend loading this content" and i can't watch the movie! Befor version 0.9 i could watch this movies! what can i do?

Would you mind sending in a bug report?

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It seems not support for the traditional chinese forder name and file name, right?
If so, can you suppout that?

To be honest, I only purchased this in hopes that it would let me easily stream M2TS/MTS files recorded on my HD cam to the Apple TV2 without having to re-encode them.

has the playback improved at all? i have to re-flash/re-install ATV flash but don't want to do so unless this is working well enough to be watchable. past versions it was nice to see that it would at least recognize the video, but it was unwatchable. i also had to rename all the files with an extension it understood....

Guys, - by the way! I just tried Apple TV2 (black) with my .MTS AVCHD 1080 videos via XBMC on seas0npass, and it just doesn't play them well - slow-motion effect, contant buffering etc. - (I hoped it would output flawlessly 720), - will it work if I i.e. purchase aTV Flash etc.?

Please advise.

Playback has been dramatically improved for most .m2ts files. If you want to run your specific file through MediaInfo ( and send us the specs we can give you a bit more info on whether it will work.

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I am looking in the manage section but it is not showing update against media player and the version installed is 0.8??? I have also tried redownloading the complete package after resetting and re jail breaking my ATV 2 but still no v 0.9

Hi, it looks great.

One problem I still have is the jerky playback of mpeg2 files, recorded from digital tv in UK. Is there any prospect this might be fixed? I'm streaming them over 5GHz wifi from an airport extreme.

I can't update any plugins, had been working fine until today?

The error message I'm getting is -

E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.

Does anyone have a fix...



I had the same error, it could possibly be an error for a previous package that wasn't installed properly. I'd recommend un-installing the package and re-installing it if you can, otherwise try SSH into the ATV2 and running the "dpkg --configure -a" command. You should use Google as most of the answers and fixes are already been addressed by other users. Eventhough Firecore does most of the work for you after you jailbreak, it's good to understand the manual process as it will fix most errors that can't be fixed through the GUI, YouTube is your friend.

Try re-running the aTV Flash (black) installer from your Mac/PC.

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With the previous version, I had problem playing some of AVI files, I would get a message: "Playback error, an error occurred loading this content". But with this new version, everything is fine now. Great job! Thanks

What did you do to fix it, just update to version 0.9? i have the same problem now with version 0.9 when i want to play m4v files!! with the previous version it was good...

Awesome! Glad to hear it.

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Hi James

what about support for right-to-left languages (like Hebrew). there's a problem with ?!,. at the end of sentences.

and what about support for *.SUB files (needed for 3D movies)


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