aTV Flash (black) 2.0

We are pleased to announce the release aTV Flash (black) 2.0 for the 2nd generation Apple TV. Version 2.0 goes beyond just watching videos, and adds in a ton of new features that make browsing and watching media on the Apple TV more enjoyable than ever.

2.0 is a free update for all current aTV Flash (black) users, so keep reading for more details on everything that's new.

Browse by category

The new Library View will now index all your media (even if stored on multiple devices) and automatically organize movies, TV shows and music into easy to use categories such as: genre, release date, star rating, age rating and others. TV shows will also be group by series/season automatically so there's no more worrying about keeping your folders perfectly organized.

While we think this is a great new way to browse and enjoy your media, the original file/folder based browsing will remain intact and working as an alternative option.

Fully integrated search

Sometimes you know what you want to watch, and don't want to browse. With our new integrated search you can do just that. This powerful search tool allows you to search by movie, TV series/episode, song, artist, album or filename. Just start typing and the results will start being displayed instantly. 

Keep it all in sync

Also new for 2.0 is syncing. This is a great feature if you're trying to keep multiple Apple TVs in sync, as if you watch a movie on the first device it will also appear as watched on the 2nd. Additionally, if you manually mark a movie or show as watched on, it will automatically get marked as watched on the Apple TV. In a similar fashion, scrobbling allows you track music plays in your profile.

Full changelog

  • Added all-new Library View
  • Added integrated media search
  • Added 2-way syncing
  • Added scrobbling
  • Added genre/artist based playlists
  • Added Recently Added display option
  • Improved handling of WTV files
  • Improved handling of DVD audio tracks
  • Improved AFP connections
  • Improved filename recognition
  • Improved subtitle handling
  • Resolved various navigation issues
  • Resolved rare DVD playback issues
  • Resolved rare subtitles positioning issue
  • Many other minor improvements and fixes

Does this work on the 3rd gen Apple TV?

Not yet. Work is still ongoing and we'll be sure to announce any and all news as soon as it becomes available. Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ for up to the minute info.

Outstanding! Where can I get it?

aTV Flash (black) is available for purchase and instant download here.

If you're already running a version of aTV Flash (black) you can update right on the Apple TV through the Maintenance --> Manage Extras menu. The new 2.0 version is also available through the Downloads tab in your account.

Full details on setting up and using the new Library View can be found here.

Note: Apple TV version 4.4 or later is required for aTV Flash (black) 2.0.

Enjoy! :-) 


Do all TV shows have the same naming format?

Your best option will be to open a support ticket so we can help troubleshoot this further.

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Thanks, James. Yes, same naming format.

I just don't understand it. I've tried renaming the shows to something else but that doesnt work either. The oddity is that all the shows which are missing in the Library are visible in both the Media folders and in Plex. its just "Library" which can't see them. If it helps, all three are Star Trek shows, and have been ripped from my own DVDs, as have the other two Star Trek shows. So Star Trek Enterprise and Star Trek Voyager are visible everywhere, but Star Trek Original Series, Star Trek Next Generation and Star Trek Deep Space Nine cannot be seen (so I use media player to watch those). Maybe I need to play with the names. Star Trek TOS? Star Trek TNG? Star Trek DS9 doesnt work, but maybe Star Trek Deep Space 9 will.

I'll keep playing, perhaps something will present itself. If I cant work it out, I'll open a support ticket. Just good to know its not an inherent limitation (eg Library cant see more than 20 shows, for example)

I've been waiting for RMVB compatibility for a long time. I'm wondering if that is in the workings or not. There are some places that just have video files in this format and I would like to be able to watch them on my TV via ATV.

This update helps folks who have lots of movies and tv shows sitting on their computer/NAS hard drive. Where do you get all these movies? What is the point of downloading when you can watch all of it online via the XBMC apps?

A Quote from a previous post:



Tue Sep 11, 2012 9:15 pm

So I have my TV folder, which contains all of my TV shows, as a favourite and I have the Library view of all of my TV shows. The library view is beautiful will artwork, etc. but my library folder isn't. However, if I remove my TV folder as a favourite, it doesn't get processed into the library. So I either have both the TV folder and the TV Shows view in my favourites or I have just TV (which is ugly). Also, I don't want to process everything because the hard drive contains more files than I want on my AppleTV. And my TV folder is listed as containing TV content. Thoughts?

I agree with superdifficult & am wondering the exact same thing. Any thoughts?

For those of you confused about the TV Shows folder. Here are simple instructions to get the process going.

On your NAS or wherever your shows are. Create a folder to drop TV Shows into.

For instance if you have yours files listed like this C:TV Shows it won't recognize TV Shows

It should read like this C:Television/TV Shows

Now in TV shows folder make a sing folder for each show. Then drop all seasons into it.

Now launch Media Player on ATV

Go to My Files.
Scroll down to Remote
Depending on how you have shows set up. Always click on the folder that is before TV Shows.
In the example above it is "Television"
Press and hold select button and scroll down to "Content Type" now select TV Shows
While still in that menu scroll up to "Add To Favorites"

Press menu to exit

Now Go Back out to Media Player home screen.
Go to Settings
Click manage Library
You will see that Television folder there just click on it.
It will start gathering in.

Good Luck

Hmm. I tried this.

But after scanning, the TV Shows option under Library still shows "there are no items to playback" even though the TV Shows folder's content under Favorites is set to 'TV Shows' and displays over 100 of them.

Since the Library is not working, now when I go to the Favorite that I called 'TV Shows', I have to navigate down to the actual folder (since the Favorite is now one folder higher than it used to be. So I'm misunderstanding something or it's not working for me (I'm running 4.4.4 on my ATV2).

One more annoyance -- I've scanned metadata several times, but the season/episode assignment for the TV series seems to be randomly selected. IOW, it might tell me that the first show is season 4 episode 27 (when I know its season 22 episode xx). Most of the other shows of the same series will also be s4 e27, but I found one that claimed to be e57 and another that claimed to be e0 (!).

James, any ideas, or should I submit a ticket?

I can see the value of the Library, but so far I've been frustrated trying to reach that goal.

Great Work James! I LOVE this Update! (To hell with Plex or XBMC) haha Smile
I Love that you've incorporated mostly all the features a few of us suggested ages ago, into Version (2.0).
There is still 1 feature needed though:

"An option to Mark a TV Show Folder as Watched or Unwatched & it Marks all the 24 or so Episodes inside the TV Show Folder as Watched or Unwatched".

Instead of Manually Marking Each Episode as it takes forever to do so. I remember you saying it would be a possibility for Version 2. I hope you didn't forget about it & that it is still on your To-Do list. Wink Any thoughts...???

It's still something we're hoping to get to, but unfortunately it didn't make it into 2.0.

A nice side effect of the syncing is that if you jump on and mark files as watched they will also appear as watched on the Apple TV. This is especially helpful with TV series as you can mark an entire season (or the whole series) as watched with just a single click.

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Does sync with already watched tv and movies?

Great job. Updated nicely from the Maintenance app. Did not have much time playing with it, but everything I tried so far seemed to work (XBMC, Plex, Nito).

I have a question though: Is there any difference between the Plex Client version bundled with ATVFlash 2.0 and the one released a few days ago at

Which one is newer? How about each one's features?

I have manually installed the one from the above mentioned page AFTER I updated everything to ATVFlash 2.0. The newer Plex still works great, no problem with that, but I saw some messages at the SSH session running from my Mac's terminal window, mentioning the Plex Client on my ATV2 was being DOWNGRADED...

Can you pls clarify?

Great but no impact for me... because I have an ATV3!!!!

Instead of working on ATV2 upgrade, keep your enery to work on ATV3 jailbrake and solve the issue of million of people

I stand to be corrected, but I believe that the people who work on jailbreaking are not the same people at Firecore. This is not a matter of stopping work on one to work on the other. The jailbreakers are doing their thing, as a labour of love, without compensation. Firecore operates as a business to make it easier for us to maximize the benefit of having an ATV that we have been able to jailbreak due to the free efforts of others.

Works great except a few things; one of them is,
after installed atv flash black 2.0, then the iTunes purchased DRM media files don't play.
Am I alone? want know whether it's a bug or something I have to solve it, like remove media player and re-install it or else.
(Does my metadata keep in tact if I remove and install media player again? As I heard, yes...)

Yes, metadata will remain intact if Media Player is uninstalled.

If you can send in a bug report we can look into the DRM issue.

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Thanks, James & Firecore dev team!
After updates of media player, the DRM iTunes files play sleek as before.
Great job!
Hope DRM iTunes TV series files appear on the TV library column of media player as well.

please, give us a native EYE-TV App!

I installed the update. Everything worked very well. After I rebooted the Apple TV was no more. Only a black screen. I have it set to factory defaults. and if I want to jailbreak it now I get the error message the 1602nd

Any ideas? Tried it about 10 times already

I had the same worked perfectly before the upgrade using maintenance now a black screen have tried rebooting the ATV but nothing but a black screen

Same at this end, all I get is a blank screen and my AV unit flashing up messages about no video etc. will have to wait to weekend now to sort it all out.....

Jailbreak still works after 1602 error

Very nice update, all is working fine (done via manage extras menu )! ;))

ATV jailbreak done with Seas0nPass

Thank you for your excellent job !

E: Write error - write (28: No space left on device)
E: Can't mmap an empty file

Someone says this can be solved by removing cache via SSH into aTV, and I think that make sens.
Please, somebody teach me how to ssh or SFTP into aTV and remove cache on aTV with some graphic explanation . I'm using mountain lion, aTV 2nd with firmware v. 5.0.2.
Cyberduck or Transmit might be useful, but don't know how to securely delete cache and make enough space for updates or backups.

With filezilla programe y really easy!! There are a lots of tioials searching in google "clean cache atv2".

Hope you can clean it!

Thanks, Crisler! That would be of great help and I will try it after office work.
Are "private/var/mobile/library/Cache/AppleTV/Video/Local&Rentals/" and "------------/Video/others/ right place I should delete cache files?
I wil try and if I succeed, then will leave a comment. Thanks again!

Here's a bit more info if you want to give it a try.

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Hey, I have a Apple 2 jail broken from Season pass, i have just tried to run this new update with no luck. The device just keeps rebooting itself. Any ideas?

I´m really enjoying this 2.0 version, great job specially with Media Player, I´m even considering leaving Plex aside but i haven´t figure it out how you categorize series and movies.

For Plex I have folders for every movie and for every TV show and that was enough for Plex to do the ordering. With Media Player I tried to do the same but everything is messed up in my Library.

How can i help Media Player´s Library to do the ordering right?

I already figure it out following instructions of

Does 2.0 media player support DLNA?

AFP, NFS, and SMB are currently supported, and DLNA is planned for a future version.

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Thanks for the response James. Hopefully soon.

How can I update Apple tv 2nd generation to version 5.0

I have jail broken apple tv black 2nd gen with season pass and running atv flash black.


I tried to update via Maintenance but i kept getting errors losing about 4 hours of pain trying to get it done without success. I would recommend you to repeat the process of jailbrake with SeasonPass, download the latest atvBlack and install it as you did before. That process only took me about 20 mins and i was done with no errors. Now i finally got version 5.0 running.

Good luck

it scans my shared folders and puts every file into the library, how do you select what individual folder you want in the library

If you only want to add specific folder(s) you can do so by creating a specific share for each folder.

Details on doing this can be found here.

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installation went smooth.. says i'm running 2.0, but i can't find the "manage library" option under my manage shares link. i am using AFP to access my harddrive. is this why??

please help! (using latest Apple software too..)

im sorry, stupid question.

i had updated maintenance, but not media player.. duh. awesome software, working GREAT NOW! thanks!

Hi! I updated perfect, Im having easy trouble problems:

1- I make a favorite of a smb folder example (films), so then i choose it to make the library from there, all ok but that restart the apple tv! But the library was finish! So its works!!

2- You can add favorite from the library but i cant delete them!!


Nevermind i figured! So sory! So stupid

Great job!

I have something to ask you. Can I use backup data (I backed up aTV Flash in "normal" option) when I install seasOnpass and aTV Flash onto another aTV 2nd gen? If I can, is all my metadata including subtitles available?

Or is it same when I reinstalled seasOnpass and aTV Flash again?

Unfortunately backups are tied to a specific Apple TV serial number, so they cannot be shared between devices at this time. Sorry.

Have an idea for Infuse? Tell us.

Always great job with Firecore dev. team! Kudos to you all!

Problem #1

Once installed(upgraded) atv flash black 2.0, then the purchased iTunes media(movies & TV shows) doesn't play by atv flash media player, unlike the previous version of 1.7 (even with 1.9 Beta it works).
(Though I can play the purchased items through aTV original menu or apple computer home sharing menu(COMPUTER).
What's wrong with it?

Problem #2

In regard to atv flash maintenance backup menu, I can backup in "Normal" way, but couldn't in "Full" backup optoin. The full backup process aborts and just relaunched itself.

Hope help is in the way!

Probably best to send in a bug report on this one.

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I have bought this software with version 1.6 and have now succesfully updated to version 2.0.
However i can't get mediaplayer installed on my Apple TV2.
The instalation fails with the following messages:

Installatie mislukt!

E: Broken packages ts...
Building dependency tree...
Reading state information...
Some packages could not be installed. This may mean that you have requested an impossible situation or if you are using the unstable distribution that some required packages have not yet been created or been moved out of incoming. The following information may help to resolve the situation:

The following packages have unmet dependencies: (>=1,3-55) but is not going to be installed
reading package lists...
Building dependency tree...
Reading state information...
0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 3 not supported.

The Apple TV 2 is jailbroken and has the latest firmware from apple.

Can you inform me how to resolve this?

Kind regards from The Netherlands.

Was the Apple TV jailbroken with Seas0nPass, or something else?

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Nice work guys! You nailed it... the library feature is a HUGE usability enhancement. Well done. I appreciate all the hard work that went into this update. I had no issue with the update - made sure my ATV2 level was current before updating (which it was). Keep up the great work... and I can't wait for the ATV3 release of aTV Flash.

Someone could please explain how this is different from Seas0npass? I have mine aTVs jailbroken with Seas0npass... Thanks!

Seas0nPass is a jailbreak tool. aTV Flash (black) is a suite of applications that can be installed once the Apple TV has been jailbroken with Seas0nPass.

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james, got it, thank you!

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