aTV Flash (black) 2.0

We are pleased to announce the release aTV Flash (black) 2.0 for the 2nd generation Apple TV. Version 2.0 goes beyond just watching videos, and adds in a ton of new features that make browsing and watching media on the Apple TV more enjoyable than ever.

2.0 is a free update for all current aTV Flash (black) users, so keep reading for more details on everything that's new.

Browse by category

The new Library View will now index all your media (even if stored on multiple devices) and automatically organize movies, TV shows and music into easy to use categories such as: genre, release date, star rating, age rating and others. TV shows will also be group by series/season automatically so there's no more worrying about keeping your folders perfectly organized.

While we think this is a great new way to browse and enjoy your media, the original file/folder based browsing will remain intact and working as an alternative option.

Fully integrated search

Sometimes you know what you want to watch, and don't want to browse. With our new integrated search you can do just that. This powerful search tool allows you to search by movie, TV series/episode, song, artist, album or filename. Just start typing and the results will start being displayed instantly. 

Keep it all in sync

Also new for 2.0 is syncing. This is a great feature if you're trying to keep multiple Apple TVs in sync, as if you watch a movie on the first device it will also appear as watched on the 2nd. Additionally, if you manually mark a movie or show as watched on, it will automatically get marked as watched on the Apple TV. In a similar fashion, scrobbling allows you track music plays in your profile.

Full changelog

  • Added all-new Library View
  • Added integrated media search
  • Added 2-way syncing
  • Added scrobbling
  • Added genre/artist based playlists
  • Added Recently Added display option
  • Improved handling of WTV files
  • Improved handling of DVD audio tracks
  • Improved AFP connections
  • Improved filename recognition
  • Improved subtitle handling
  • Resolved various navigation issues
  • Resolved rare DVD playback issues
  • Resolved rare subtitles positioning issue
  • Many other minor improvements and fixes

Does this work on the 3rd gen Apple TV?

Not yet. Work is still ongoing and we'll be sure to announce any and all news as soon as it becomes available. Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ for up to the minute info.

Outstanding! Where can I get it?

aTV Flash (black) is available for purchase and instant download here.

If you're already running a version of aTV Flash (black) you can update right on the Apple TV through the Maintenance --> Manage Extras menu. The new 2.0 version is also available through the Downloads tab in your account.

Full details on setting up and using the new Library View can be found here.

Note: Apple TV version 4.4 or later is required for aTV Flash (black) 2.0.

Enjoy! :-) 


Oh my god do most of these people even understand what's going on here. These folks should sit down and learn a thing or two and stop asking moronic questions. Also stop whining about the appletv 3 you shouldn't have bought it if you wanted to use software like this.

After updating 2/3rds of my collection quit playing.


I have version 4.3 installed on ATV2 Black, dó i need to connect All (4) to my pc to get the Update i can't see anything in the menu




Impossible for me to update, because "Managing extra's" is no longer there under Maintenance! What happened?

Looks really nice.
Is Plex really needed with the new library view or am I missing something here?
Is the media scanner as good as Plex?

Plex has a very robust search funtion. Not only does it allow you to search by Title and genre, but also by year, decade, recently added, actor/actress, director, etc.

While Plex is great on the surface, looks good and uses metadata extensively, I think one of the downsides compared to the more basic Mediaplayer is that you can't move fastforward with picture. I don't get why Plex does not have this function...I think it's very useful...
Keep up the good work FireCore!
Pleez get your shit together for gen 3 asap!

I gave up Plex awhile ago in favor of the MediaPlayer... Very few problems with the media scanner

Maintenance ---> Managing extra's is no longer there! What's the reason?

Thanks a lot guys - great job! Without your Work my apple tv would just be a useless piece of junk. Thanks!

Hello I have an apple tv 3 generation is it compatible ?


Update looks great. However, should I be able to enter a path to my SMB share...? It seems like I can only provide the base ip... It is scanning the entire machine I only want it looking at two drives mounted as shares...


Yes, you can setup a direct path to a folder/drive by entering the folder path after the device name.

E.G. MyNas.local\Files\Movies

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Thanks James, my fault, fat fingered it in my giddyness at the new "Library" :) Great job as always FireCore team (just need that custom fan art option now!)

Great! Smile

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I just run the library aTV Flaso 2.0 from my remote pc! And the result was very anoying, There are duplicate on films that i dont have! Why is this happening?. I think that the change is perfect if just work fine.

Thanks all for what you are doing, i hope there is a solution for this! Or i will still comecting from remote.

You may try correcting metadata for the movies in question.

Full details on doing this can be found here.

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I dont think that is the problem, because when I enter to my smb share folder i see the movies with their correct metadata! This problem is only happens with the movies!! I have a lot of duplicates films without having that movie at the library!!

Thanks for all! I hope we can find an anwser!!!

Previous version worked just fine.
Just upgraded to new one and Librairy scan does not complete.
Apple TV reboots while librairy scans still performs.
Streaming my movies from my NAS is no longer possible !
Can this bug be identified or should I roll back to previous version and how ?

For my money what we need from Firecore is first a stable product. I have had numerous issues with random reboots and out of memory errors. Their answer has been to reinstall from the start and not install any of the 3rd party software they bundle with the product. First there are no options during the install to pick and choose what is installed. Second if the 3rd party software has issues, why are they bundling it with their software?

Once all these issues are fixed I think support for NAS Drives is a plus it works, how about Bluetooth support as part of their package? How about a Torrent Client with folder support to down directly to your drive of choice.

But above all, it needs to be stable, it really makes me upset to have the damn thing go blank or throw a memory error right in the middle of a movie.

Howdy everyone

Sorry about that. If you can open a support ticket we can look into what's going on.

That said, you will still be able to stream through the Favorites or My Files menu as before, without going through Library.

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oh please, can you give us a more concrete update on the apple tv 3 versus a generic "we are hard at work"? i have upgraded half of my army of atv to atv3 and still can't have this. thanks.

I, too, would greatly appreciate an update with regard to the ATV (rev 3). I purchased the pre-release software with a lifetime of updates to show my support because I was waiting for the refresh to purchase a new Apple TV. I did and only then did I see new of it being incompatible. As the months roll by...I am increasingly disappointed.



Has anyone tried XBMC on this version yet?


Just updated to 2.0 and XMBC works for me.

You can use 2.0 with or without XBMC installed.

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I've tried several times to upgrade via maintenance, but I keep getting error messages. I did verify that I have functional Internet access. Now what?

Hi, i have aTV Flash Black 1.8 but no possibility in the manage extras menu for an 2.0 update!?? what can i do?

Installing 2.0 requires Apple TV 4.4 or later.

You can check the version of Apple TV you are running through the Settings --> General --> About menu.

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I have Apple TV software 4.3 (2557) and when I try to update (GENERAL -UPDATE) a message says that 'Your Apple TV is up to date'.

How can I install Apple TV 4.4 ?

Your best option will be to run the latest version of Seas0nPass to update the Apple TV.

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Do i have to jailbreak The Apple tv again from my pc to get version 4.4? Im running on version 4.3 right now.
Or do i just hit The 'Update software' In The 'general' menu?... And Then install The new firecore version.

Am I the only one who only see the folder names in the new library list view?
The movies and metadata is okay, but the movie names is not displayed properly in the list, instead the folder names in which the movie is located in is displayed. Example, the movie rec 3 is displayed as rec.3.2012.genesis which is the name of the folder.
All my movies are sorted by separate folders with the moviefile and subtitlefiles inside.

have an old install of pre 2.0 on an ATV2.0
user the maintenance > manage extras > maintenance update
but the UI is still the old NON icon UI
do i need to reinstall from LAPTOP or can i update to latest UI/version from ATV2
Maintenance now shows INSTALLED but no icons UI

The menu layout will be determined by the Apple TV SW version you are running (5.0 and later will be the new icon based layout, while 4.4.4 and earlier will be the old horizontal layout).

To update the Apple TV software you can run the latest version of Seas0nPass.

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have an old install of pre 2.0 on an ATV2.0
user the maintenance > manage extras > maintenance update
but the UI is still the old NON icon UI
do i need to reinstall from LAPTOP or can i update to latest UI/version from ATV2
Maintenance now shows INSTALLED but no icons UI

I updated but it's not showing on the top line on main apple menu

You can choose to hide different menus, as Firecore has done with the Music menu, under Settings > General > Parental Controls. This will bump the Media menu to the top allowing it to show recent items or recently added items.

I don't see Parental Controls under General settings

for the love of god when is the ATV3 flash coming out?!

I bought this so long ago and cant properly use it ;_;

Guys... I now own one AppleTV2 and 3 AppleTV3. I LOVE aTVFlash. I think it is the best program I've seen for media for quite some time. I used to use XBMC on both PC and ATV and it is just too loaded to the point it is not easy enough to use, too slow, and certainly not integrated with the Apple UI as aTVFlash it. Well done!
I too am awaiting aTVFlash to work on ATV3, very much!
BUT... if you want to watch movies from your NAS, you can still do that (assuming you have an iPhone, iPod or iPad) with the server (on one of your PCs) and an App called AirVideo. All you do is stream the video from your NAS on your iDevice and then hit the AirPlay option to stream it to your ATV. Voila... you are watching your own NAS video on your unbroken AppleTV3...
I find it very useful and someone a remedy to the fact that I can't, yet, use aTVFlash on ATV3.
Hope this helps.

I second this. Paying $200 now for ATV 2 is ridiculous. If it's not possible, then just say it! I'll buy an ATV 2 & be done with it.

It is a tragedy to be an owner of the Apple TV 3.

Since I bought it a couple month ago it is really useless...

Guys please hurry up to bring out a solution for us!

I've really enjoyed using the FIrecore software on my aTV. I've noticed that I get stuttering playback sometimes and buffering issues. Is this stutter common due to aTV limitations? Is there anything else I can do to optimize the unit? Add a small USB flash drive or something for buffering?

To explain my setup, I have a gigabit wired network in my house with a Synology network drive attached to push out the movies. For comparison I have completely stutter free viewing using my WDLive player with the same movies etc. I'd much rather use aTV's throughout the house, but my preference right now is the WDlive and the clean playback.

Any suggestions on what I might do to improve the playback of the aTV? I do have the new version of the aTV (new in box), but I haven't used that one yet because I was under the impression Firecore doesn't work with it yet. I don't know if that makes a difference.

- John

I actually got higher speed and less stuttering using wireless streaming on th ATV2, due to that the physical LAN interface sadly enough is only 100 Mbit. I therefore have a wireless Gb router right next to the ATV2, with WPA2 AES encryption, straming at approximately 300 Mbit.

Great. thx.

How do we add plugins like the stream provided by

Does it work with Plex?

2.0 works just fine with Plex installed. Smile

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Is the folder setting (aka as it was) still the default?

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