New AppleTV - 11/12 Progress Update

They say time flies when you're having fun, and it's been nothing but as we watch the first version of aTV Flash (black) take shape. The first beta version of isn't far off, but we still have a handful of issues to resolve before it's safe for public consumption.

Read on for more details regarding our current progress as well as a few demo videos showing some of the apps in action.

Installer - 95% Complete

The new installer communicates directly with the AppleTV (no wires or USB drives required) and allows aTV Flash (black) to be installed onto the AppleTV in just minutes. Once installed additional apps (and updates) can be installed from the newly added 'Maintenance' item (as shown in the Couch Surfer video demo below).

Couch Surfer - 65% Complete

Couch Surfer is coming along exceptionally well. Most of the major hurdles have been overcome, basic browsing is working and we're striving to enable support for more advanced web plugins. A video demo of Couch Surfer running on the 2nd gen AppleTV can be seen below. - 85% Complete

Streaming radio isn't far away - we've updated most of the critical components for the new AppleTV and also added a new slideshow layout. A video demo of in action can be seen below.

Additional Video Codecs & NAS Streaming - 15% Complete

Not surprisingly this has turned out to be no trivial task - because of this we've teamed up with a few outside developers to move things along a bit more quickly. We'll have more info as things progress but unfortunately this probably won't make it into the initial beta version. The end goal however remains the same - robust support for non-itunes media (including DVD files).

So, when is the beta coming?

We're planning to have the first beta version available within the next 1-2 weeks - possibly even next week.

Can I signup for email updates?

Of course - we have an aTV Flash (black) specific signup form here.

As always, feel free to share your comments below.


For me to pay for this i need:

DLNA Client Support!

Other Likes would be
VPN Ability

Hulu and Hulu Plus definitely need to be in this. Hopefully it's own app, but even through Boxee if it has to be.

In the video, how is the user typing in the google search box? Can you type on the iphone with Apple Remote?

Program is junk, can not use my external hard drives

Yes - the Apple Remote app can be used to enter text and move the cursor when using the browser.

Have an idea for Infuse? Tell us.

Please just release free beta version with Couch can all all other features later.

All I want is a working VPN client for the ATV2. Netflix would be a killer feature for me (currently living in Denmark).

To the guys who would like a vpn client as well, I will post a solution to my blog if I ever find one ( ).

VPN pleeeeeeeaaaase...!!!!!
Would love to be able to watch Netflix in Europe..!

Thx a billion

use for netflix outside of Europe.




possible to connect USB hard-disk (like aTV 1st gen) to read DIVX movie ?

Please, consider DTS audio support!!!

(Only Passthough)

Hi James where can I sign up for bete testing? Thanks.

All I care about is whether I'll be able to watch regular Hulu (not Hulu Plus) with aTV Flash Black. Either via Boxee or some other way. If I can, I'll be buying it immediately. Everything else is just nice extras.

Why no update since the 19th................... People are dying for an update and an ETA!

Give us an update please!

Do I need a micro usb cable in order to jailbreak and install atv flash? Or does atv flash all together over ethernet?

What I would like to know with regards to Netflix, and Apple TV already having netflix preinstalled is if ATV flash will allow watching usa netflix outside of the usa?
That feature alone is worth the purchase price, even if it did nothing else!


The NetFlix region you can view is specifically bound to your NetFlix account. So if you live in Canada, you'll get the Canadian NetFlix offerings. If your account is US Regionalized then you will get the USA Offerings. All other countries will be subject to whatever NetFlix offers in that country specifically.

What I would like to know with regards to Netflix, and Apple TV already having netflix preinstalled is if ATV flash will allow watching usa netflix outside of the usa?
That feature alone is worth the purchase price, even if it did nothing else!

I want to play the APPLE HTTP-LIVE-STREAMING video files on AppleTV 2G.
Who knows how to this?

Please let me know!!!!!

Will updating to the latest version of iOS for the aTV released today interfere with beta testing your software?

Thanks and keep up the good work!

In the same boat, Can we update the iOS 4.2 checkout airplay? I can flash old ipsw file, but want to be sure...please clarify

Please sign me up for beta testing!!!

Frustrated by all these "Why does NAS not work with aTV" forums, I just ran into this one here, sounds really great, go ahead and good luck for the remaining obstacles!

One killer feature for this device is to enable higher sampling/bit depth streaming natively. The first gen ATV could do this with a hack to enable Audio/MIDI setup. I'm not sure how easy it would be to trick the ATV2 into allowing 24/96 Airplay at least via HDMI. I doubt the SPDIF optical output is physically able, since it already resamples all audio to 16 bit/48kHz.

Many audiophiles would be very happy to at least see 24/48kHz output via SPDIF. I would be ecstatic for 24/96 via HDMI.

Can you post a new update. How do you sign up for Beta?

I have just got a Readynas NV+, with I-Tunes server capability, but unfortunately, I need to have a PC Turned on with I-Tunes running to see I-Tunes on my New Apple (Black) TV.

It looks like the new solution will fix this (i.e. no need to have PC turned on) - if so, bring it on !!! :-)

Hi Guys,

really looking forward to this - 1 question, when apple releases iOS4.2 will there be an issue upgrading the ATV 2G? I realise probably have to jailbreak the unit again, but was wondering about the ATV Flash software - Are you guys using the iOS4.2 GM release to ensure compatibility?

Many thanks

p.s. Where do I sign for Beta? ;-)


I just return to see if there was an update. Please inform us again of the process!!

We are really into this project!



I would love to be able to stream direct from my NAS drive. Even if it's just using the default codecs to start with, e.g. mp4/m4v, it would speed up my streaming and save me from having my laptop on.

A question:
it's possible for the old Apple TV the airplay? You're working on it?
Many Thanks


...As always, feel free to share your comments below....

And then? Nobody's of the aTV Flash team gives answers, reaction or a sign of life!

Many questions have been answered, is there something specific on your mind?

Have an idea for Infuse? Tell us.

i guess they are very busy writing software not answering blogs , i would much rather they carried on with the software than answering all these comments, they have been very good in the past asnswering every ones questions , so let them finish the first release ..

How are you moving a pointer on screen in the browser app? Is that with the infrared remote control?

In the demo we're using the Remote app from Apple to enter text and control the pointer.

Have an idea for Infuse? Tell us.

Thanks for that, I never realised I could use that Cool - hate all the typing using the ATV remote Frown

Get the Air mouse app from the app store works really smooth

How do you get the Airmouse to work with the ATV? (you don't have a server running for it, unless there's a jailbreak app to do that?)

Will the aTV flash (black) support Adobe Flash in the browser?

Anyway we can watch netlflix on "old" non HDCP HDTVs. I bought my ATV and suddenly it tells me my HDTV (50" plasma) is too old (no HDCP)

Sorry, this is probably not something we can address with aTV Flash (black).

Have an idea for Infuse? Tell us.

I am currently stationed overseas and cannot watch Netflix on ATV2. I would like to see a VPN client that would change my IP address to U.S. based IP address. allows you to use VPN on iPhone and iPad. Similar VPN integration on ATV2 would be nice.

Also, it would be nice to have support for additional video files, such as Windows Media, SilverLight, Quick-Time, VLC, Flip4Mac, etc.

Me and you got the same problem Bro

Why didn't you guys finish this project first before publicizing it. Now we're going to patch whatever you guys are trying to do. By next week, none of your codes will work with Apple TV. Should had kept it in silent mode. Now it's vibrating all over the Net.

Will the initial beta offer the ability to connect to NAS/external frive for media playback? Having to keep my Mac powered on with iTunes running really sucks. My 1st gen ATV with aTVflash is wonderful and having the external 500GB HD attached makes it simple.

This won't be available initially, but it is a feature we're working hard to add.

Have an idea for Infuse? Tell us.

I'm confused, will this not be free like every other jailbreak app? I've seen a few limited Cydia paid apps for the iPhone but all have somehow been cracked.

Please do not charge for this, I have no money or job to purchase this as much as I'd love to

I'm handicapped and stay at home all day long :(

This is different than just a jailbreak. If that's all you want go get the tool at the dev teams site. You are paying for a utility to install the applications that are most popular within the community. Also the time they have to invest and the people they need to pay to assist with the utility. Let's not forget that they deserve to be paid for their time they invested in creating the software. I'm willing to be you wouldn't even think about a donation if they didn't charge...

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