AirPlay Comes to the Original AppleTV

We're pleased to announce, thanks to Remote HD, the 1st gen AppleTV is now able to act as an AirPlay compatible device! With Remote HD installed all the amazing features of AirPlay for the new black AppleTV are now available on the original silver models.

What can I stream?

  • Video, YouTube, video podcasts, and photos from iOS devices.
  • Video, and video podcasts from iTunes.
  • Video from other 3rd party apps if your iOS devices is modified to do so.
  • Update 4/14/11 - Audio streaming is now supported

How does it work?

  1. If you don't already have Remote HD purchase it here [iTunes link].
  2. Install Remote HD on your AppleTV through the Maintenance --> Install Extras menu.
  3. Restart your AppleTV.
  4. Connect to your AppleTV with Remote HD - the AppleTV will now be recognized in all AirPlay compatible applications.

Remote HD is currently on sale for $3.99 - get it while it's hot!


I have ATF flash 4.5 and hd remote 5 installed on my atv gen 1. I also have Persian installed. I can AirPlay utube vids on my ipad2 but not movies purchased through itunes or a movie site i use called Is this a limitation of hd remote?

Hi there,

Does the Airplay support work with other non-Apple designed apps that will use Airplay support for Apple TV 1G, like for example "iDjay"?

Does this work with NFLX or Slingbox?

Ever since upgrading to iPhone 4S, streaming to my 1st Gen Apple TV via Airplay is stuttering like crazy (even with Crystal HD). Even exported movies from iMovie can't be played by XBMC under Firecore.

Any ideas when this will be fixed?

Would love to see AirPlay work on the silver Apple TVs with iOS 5, but apparently it doesn't. Any plans to update ATV Flash so it'll work with iOS 5?

Any direction from FireCore on Remote HD support for iOS5

I've found that the new NFL gamepass does not work on the Origininal Apple TV through Airplay (from an iPhone 4) as it does on the Apple TV 2. It says the video format is not supported. has anyone had experience with this yet or does Fircore plan on an update to ensure the claim of supporting all Airplay apps is correct?

I can't get my aTV to stream anything from my iPhone. Every time I try aTV says " Remote HD - AirPlay Server" "To use Remote HD Airplay services on your AppleTV, you must first activate this plugin....etc etc." I have done all the steps that is has asked me to and still can not get it to work. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Is it possible to stream from the apple tv to an IOS device???

My ATV 1box has been hacked with the Launcher Menu and Boxee \ XBMC, will AirPlay still work if I purchase your app?

After updating my iOS device to 4.3.1 AirPlay does not work anymore with the AppleTV 1st gen. Is Remote HD willing to fix it?

I like the AirPlay hack. As others have pointed out, it's completely independent of the iPhone app.
This is fantastic. I dont want to update to an Apple TV2 because it doesnt work with a NAS based iTunes library, but was missing Airplay. Having Airplay working on my current AppleTV gives me the best of both worlds. And I also can make the Apple TV as a home Media Centre through iFunia DVD ripper pro to enjoy various video files(including HD) onto the widescreen TV, awesome!

My only gripe is you can't change the name of the Apple TV. I have 2 first generation devices, and they both show up as 'AppleTV' when I tap the AirPlay icon.

Hi, got it working easily after updating RHD on the ATV.

When is audio streaming coming ?

Seems like a bummer to have video but no audio-only... :-(

Trying to get AirPlay to work
Downloaded and installed ATV Flash on ATV (03/11), added Remote HD add on to ATV.
Can access ATV thru iPad Remote HD
ATV does not appear as option fon AirPlay Menu on iPad


This used to work perfectly for me, but now, whenever I try to show photos using Airplay the AppleTV1 seems to reboot (it freezes, then I get the silver Apple logo on the TV). I've tried to reinstall Remote through the Maintenance menu but it says it is already installed. Does anyone have any other ideas?

Will audio streaming to original atv be available soon?

What are the chances of getting Pandora to stream over AirPlay?

Thanks guys, great product. I really like the RemoteHD app. Great wireless mouse for my HTPC :)

The iOS 4.3 is coming soon and it allows also AirPlay video for the third party apps. Any news about the audio?

I'm missing something here. I've got the original ATV and it already provides me with access to Youtube and anything that I have in iTunes and iPhoto.

So what does AirPlay get me in addition to that. Most of the comments here are about streaming content that is on a handheld device iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. In my case all of my content comes from my iMac.

What I want to do is stream video from my Netflix account or from websites like

Does AirPlay get me anywhere close to that or for that matter anythingthing that I don't already get from the link between ATV and my iMac.

Horrendous app, thanks for wasting my £3.50

Awesome! Was already quiet dissapointed when I had to notice that Apple wouldn't provide AirPlay for AppleTV 1. ATVflash brought the joy back to my AppleTV... Works just perfect - can't report any problems like previous reviewers.

Right on ATVflash!


Any idea when audio streaming to original atv might be available?

It would be great if it worked as advertised!

I'm runnining version 4.3 of Remote HD and 4.2.1 on iPad. The video streams from Videos on my iPad to the ATV1 but when I try to stream audio through iTunes the ATV does not show up as a device. Also, when I try to play slideshows from my Photo library of iPad the ATV1 dows show up as device and the iPad displays "Slideshow is playing on your Apple TV" but the Apple TV display remains unchanged on the menu screen it was previously on. Lastly I can't even get individual photos to play on the ATV1 from the iPad.

No music, no photos, no slideshows, only video streams from iPad. Am I missing something or are these features son to be added?

hi there,
i've instaled hd remote on my flashed atv. Staming of videos from the ipod function of my iphone and movies from ipad are running flawlessly. but videoclips that have been taken directly from my iphone can't be streamed. Is that as it should be?
neither can videos on my Ipad in the picturefolder.( as mentioned above..the videos synchronised via itunes running well.
The streaming apps "streamtome" only recognize my airportexpress but not the atv.

Thank you! Now I don't have to buy the new AppleTV anytime soon.

Am I the only one having the wrong aspect ratio in airplaying the photos?

Any news about the audio streaming? I would love to airplay Spotify from iPhone to living room audio system via AppleTV.

I get apple Logo and not the picture I Airplay..please help. I uninstalled remoteHD helper on AppleTV and re-instlled. Still no luck!

edit: Youtube videos play but the pictures from the camera roll dont work! I am not sure whatelse apart from Youtube is an option on airplay!

Just found this post
Installed remote hd on my old apple tv and restarted it
Purchased remote hd and installed it on both my iphone 3gs and ipad ( both running 4.3.3)
Restarted both and hey presto airplay audio,video and pics from both.

Way to go guys music round my house for 3 quid great

Upgrading AppleTV software to 3.0.2 will fix the Photo streaming issue.

Or wait for a few more hours for the new Remote HD plugin, version 4.3.0 with all the fixes.

I updated my ATV1 Software and reinstalled the latest version of aTV Flash. Under the Install Plugins I have Remote HD installed. Now under Manage Plugins there is no option to update Remote HD because I have 4.3.0. I STILL cannot stream iTunes, photos, or slideshows to my ATV.

I have the latest version of Remote HD installed on Apple TV 1 but when I try to initiate an airplay from either my iPad or iPhone 4 I get a screen saying video is now playing on Apple TV, but it doesn't ! The main menu just shows. I have tried video files of various types and YouTube and nothing works.
Real shame
Just a point - why give all this fanfare and then not post full step by step instructions in how to install and operate?

Craig Riches

Up and running in less than 5 minutes. No problems at all. This is really impressive. Apple gave up on ATV1. You guys and RemoteHD are keeping it alive.

I bought ATV2 mostly for Airplay. Now I can't wait to see what you guys come up with for that.

did you forget about the atv 2 Jailbreak for 4.1?
we are keenly waiting....

Wow. This is mad scientist stuff. Fired up You Tube on my iPhone and Air Play worked flawlessly to the old Apple TV. Controlling Firefox on the old Apply TV is much more intuitive and easy with this program than with Air Mouse. Then, the thing even controlled my Windows machine flawlessly.

Easily the single best remote application I have tried. And I have tried a lot.

Looking forward to the update and streaming via Air Play from audio apps like Rhapsody. Now, if only Apple would open up Air Play to all video . . .

"With Remote HD installed all the amazing features of AirPlay for the new black AppleTV are now available on the original silver models."

Not true...... there's no audio

adding "audio coming soon" below is a bit sly

I need some help. I bought and downloaded the Remote HD program for my iphone and tried to "install extras" but when i go in there its completely blank and then i get an error message, "error occurred, please press play to restart your apple tv. what should i do? Thank you in advance.

Do you have ATV Flash installed on the old Apple TV? If not it wont work.

What video can I play on my apple tv-1 besides you tube. I have the correct file format on various clips that play on my iphone4 but they do not show the airplay option thus will not play on apple tv only you tube. Any thoughts. sorry about the duplication

I wish Apple worked as hard as you guys to please their customers! Smile

So I've got it working, but only on YouTube videos. Any suggestions on how to make it work with everything else?

I followed directions exactly as you have them.
And I still get the following

"Remote Helper running on your Apple TV is too old."
New Features will not work properly until you upgrade.

(I THOUGHT this might really be because, I was running an older version of iTunes & iOS,
so I upgraded those today, only to continue to get the same message.


Go to Maintenance -> Install Extras -> Remote HD should say update. Select to update and you should be fine!

IT doesn't say update. It says Installed.

I had the same problem as you.

Followed James advice below:

You'll need to update the Maintenance item through the Maintenance --> Manage Plugins menu, then the new version of Remote HD should be visible.

I actually did it twice.

I first uninstalled the Remote HD Plugin on ATV completely, then reinstalled, then updated through Maintenance procedure as explained by James above, then updated Remote HD Pugin.

Your Remote HD plugin should be version 4.2.8. Then Airplay should work.

Hope this helps.

This worked perfectly for me - thanks for the advice.

EGADS -- wish that was way they described it earlier.

For some reason, after doing that maintenance update. I totally lost my connection to my router ...


I wish I could stream videos from the Netflix app on my iPod Touch towards the Apple TV. I thought the app used the standard video player within iOS, but it doesn't seem so because I can't find any Airplay button inside the Netflix app (while with YouTube it all works beautifully). Any hint?...

What version of Remote HD are people running on their ATV's who got Airplay working ?

I am running Remote HD 4.1.8 on ATV Flash 4.0.3. and can connect to my ATV through the Remote HD App on my Ipad (IOS 4.1.2), but the Airplay button/option doesn't show up in any video I play on my Ipad.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.



You'll need to update the Maintenance item through the Maintenance --> Manage Plugins menu, then the new version of Remote HD should be visible.

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