'Seas0nPass' Jailbreak App Now Available

Today we're proud to introduce 'Seas0nPass' - a new jailbreak tool designed specifically for the AppleTV.

Seas0nPass was created exclusively for the AppleTV user, as previously no AppleTV specific jailbreak tools were available. Seas0nPass allows you to easily create custom AppleTV IPSW files and restore them in iTunes (similar to the existing Pwnage Tool app). Also included is a simple 'tethered boot' option which aids in using newer AppleTV firmwares when an 'un-tethered' jailbreak is not yet available.

Seas0nPass is available for free, and is open source. The source code is available on Github.


What can I do with Seas0nPass?

  • Jailbreak the AppleTV with the latest 4.1.1 (iOS 4.2.1) software.
  • Easily perform a 'tethered boot' (when necessary).

What is the difference between a 'tethered' and 'un-tethered' jailbreak?

A tethered jailbreak requires the AppleTV to be connected to a computer for a brief moment during startup. An un-tethered jailbreak removes this restriction. Un-tethered jailbreaks are are a bit more complex and take more time to complete.

How much does Seas0nPass cost?

Seas0nPass is available as a free download - no strings attached.

What are the minimum requirements?

Mac: OSX 10.6 or later

Windows: coming soon

Can I use this on my iPhone, iPad, or other iOS device?

Nope. Seas0nPass is designed exclusively for the 2nd gen AppleTV.

Sounds great! Where can I download it?

The Seas0nPass app, and user guides can be found at Seas0nPass.com

Comments are welcome below. Enjoy :-)

Update: Seas0nPass 0.6.4 has a bug that is preventing items from the 'Manage Extras' menu from being installed. An update will be available shortly.

Update 2: 0.6.5 has the Manage Extras menu install bug fixed.

Update 3: 0.6.6 includes a handful of fixes most notably one that addresses a pesky wifi network issue.

Update 4: 0.6.7 includes a number of improvements. Full changelog here.

If you're still having trouble when using the latest version please view the troubleshooting tips here.


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I've had an AppleTV 2 for quite a while now, I jailbroke it, installed aTV Flash 2.3 and have been using Plex that I really like for a long time. Anyway, there was a power cut today while I was watching a show with Plex, after the power finally came back, the AppleTV started but the whole aTV Flash 2.3 was gone, no more Maintenance, Plex, XBMC, no more nothing... It was all gone and when I tried to reinstall aTV Flash 2.3, it told me that the AppleTV did not appear to be Jailbroken! so I unplugged it, took it to my MacBook Pro but during the jailbreak process, iTunes did not start after I put the AppleTV in DFU mode as it should. Instead, Seas0nPass was doing the whole thing but as it was almost done an "Unknown Operation (50)" came up. Even though that happened, it eventually said that everything went fine but when I plug it back to the TV, the apple logo comes on, then nothing, all black screen!!! I've tried again and again to the same result, does anybody know what's going on here?

Same for me
Unknown error (50)
trying on XP and Mavericks, same error

How can I use now my Apple TV ?
Please fix it !!!!


Have you find any solution to this issue.
i have the same problem.


Same here!
What is the solution?

More informations. Here is what I got in the console (last messages):

26/10/2013 21:41:08,848 Seas0nPass[1798]: Verifying restore (15)
Checking filesystems (16)
Verifying restore (15)
Checking filesystems (16)
About to send KernelCache...
Extracting kernelcache.release.k66...
Sending KernelCache now...
Done sending KernelCache
Loading kernelcache (27)
Mounting filesystems (17)
Unknown operation (25)
About to send NORData...
Found firmware path Firmware/all_flash/all_flash.k66ap.production
Getting firmware manifest Firmware/all_flash/all_flash.k66ap.production/manifest
Extracting LLB.k66ap.RELEASE.img3...
Extracting apticket.img3...
Extracting iBoot.k66ap.RELEASE.img3...
Extracting DeviceTree.k66ap.img3...
Extracting applelogo~appletv.s5l8930x.img3...
Extracting recoverymode~appletv.s5l8930x.img3...
Extracting batterylow0.s5l8930x.img3...
Extracting batterylow1.s5l8930x.img3...
Extracting glyphcharging.s5l8930x.img3...
Extracting batterycharging0.s5l8930x.img3...
Extracting batterycharging1.s5l8930x.img3...
Extracting glyphplugin.s5l8930x.img3...
Extracting batteryfull.s5l8930x.img3...
Sending NORData now...
Done sending NORData
Unknown operation (18)

[==== ] 7.0%
26/10/2013 21:41:12,541 Seas0nPass[1798]: Unknown operation (46)
Unknown operation (46)
Unknown operation (50)

[ ] 0.0%
26/10/2013 21:42:01,966 Seas0nPass[1798]: Unknown operation (49)
Unknown operation (51)
Waiting for NAND (29)
Waiting for NAND (29)
Got status message
Status: Restore Finished
Cleaning up...

OK sorry for being Anonymous here, but I'm the same Anonymous guy replying this thread since the beginning.

Well I have managed to revert back to 4.4.4 (Right click on Create IPSW).
The ATV2 working correctly in 4.4.4

Then I have tried again to go with 5.3 and got again the same Unknown operation (50).
I can see that during the download there numerous Unknown operation with different code: 49, 51, 25

I'm going to try from a different Mac and let you know...

Same issue from a different Mac. Both are running Maverick (10.9).
When connecting the ATV2 on the tv, I get the Apple logo that disappear about 10secs after. The led is continuously blinking.
I'll now give a try with a regular upgrade with iTunes to latest version...

Update with iTunes worked.
Looking now at reverting back to 5.3...

have you done the jailbreak again?

firecore..... what is this Unkown Operation (50) ????

Mac os x maverick

for me it is also not working. I tunes was not starting, but it seemed to work then. I could connect via ssh. But after I installed xbmc, it won t start again..

Same problem here.... I guess the Unknown Operation error comes up cause scripts in iTUnes 11 do not work anymore.
You need to manually restore the custom firmware from iTunes.... however, here I am receiving an 1604 error... :-(
anybody facing the same situation

I fix it! You have to use the other option in Seas0npass, the boot tethered. With the USB and the power cord plug. When it finish, you unplug the USB and plug the HDMI, and its turn on... Then, you run the aTV Flash to continue with the software installing.

I fix it! You have to use the other option in Seas0npass, the boot tethered. With the USB and the power cord plug. When it finish, you unplug the USB and plug the HDMI, and its turn on... Then, you run the aTV Flash to continue with the software installing.

Could someone please list step by step instructions on how to jailbreak ATV 2 with ios 6.0.2.

I used seasOnPass to jailbreak ATV 2 with ios 6.0.2, got unexpected operation 50 message followed by successful jailbreak message.

Plugged the ATV via HDMI, the apple logo showed for few seconds and then nothing.

Then as directed I also performed Tethered Boot but same issue, apple logo shows and then nothing.

I would really appreciate if someone could post the solution.


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hi everyone, I've accidentally put my jailbroken atv2 into restore, now it only shows the iTunes symbol with the usb pictured as if to say plug into iTunes. but it will not do anything, I've tried to re jailbreak it but when it gets to the iTunes restore point it throws up unknown error 21. can anyone advise please?

Will seas0npass completely restore ATV? Like, will it delete my photos that are synced in through iCloud?

Ok.... I have successfully jail broken my ATV box and the FC icon is displayed within the menu system...great but what's next......? I'm running my computer under windows 7 and can't seem to find any installers which can quickley take me to the next level...

i want to download app

I downloaded and installed the atvflash onto my apple tv 2 ( IOS 5.00 ) two
days ago . I am using the couch surfer and I am unable to view any videos
which must have the latest adobe flash player installed.

I have installed your latest version a TV Flash ( black) and I am aware about the information posted this on August 02, 2011 says

Couch Surfer unfortunately are not currently supported .Adobe Flash and MS Silverlight video.

As you it says " currently " since August 02, 2011 , I am not happy that this issue is not solved yet.

I already wrote this request to the fire core support , but I have not received an answer yet

So maybe someone knows how I can install Adobe Flash or an alternative flash player to run web video streaming

supported by Adobe Flash player?

I dare say a few people are unhappy that their apple products struggle with adobe flash but it's an apple problem, for not supporting it, and nothing to do with FireCore. Maybe your comments would be better directed at apple, but i'd leave out the fact that you've jailbroke your aTV, just to be on the safe side!

Bought an apple tv today I got over dfu mode but when it tries to start the reboot it says the device is not compatable and when I go into itunes says its an iphone not an apple tv. Any suggestions??

Did you buy an appletv2 or appletv3? This is only supported on appletv2 which isn't sold any longer

When I download SeasOnPass 5.0 it goes thru ISPW loadding when it is finishing loadiing it goes to if you are experiecing problems with Apple TV you can restore its orginial setting by clicking restore instead of Itunr

I got error: Seasonpass was unable to retreive firmware details, please check your internet conection or firewall settings. Internet is on line, firewall turned off. What to do, please help?

I jailbroke my Apple TV (Black) and ATV flash along with XBMC. i cant seem to be able to stream movies (specifically avi.'s) from my Windows PC. Ive heard you may only stream by iTunes but avi.'s dont seem to be "allowed" to import to iTunes. All of the video converter's ive tried haven't worked. Any suggestions on what i may to simply steam an avi. movie file from my documents to my Apple TV?

download mp4 video files they work on itunes to stream vidoe

Alright what can you exactly do with Seas0npass? I know there's jailbreaks that allow you to watch TV and shit, but I wanna watch iTunes movies for free, will this do it for me?

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Hi everybody,

I bought an ATV2 few days ago. I've tried to jailbreak it with the last Seas0nPass version but, it doesn't work with iOS 4.4.4 (3330). Is there a solution ? Maybe is it possible de downgrade the firmware to 4.4.4 (9A406a)? I think i can't use tiny umbrella because the firmware 4.4.4 (3330) is native. Please help me !

I have to apple tvs here with me, one was bought a year ago, and have never been jailbreaked, and the other one was bought this january, and also has never been jailbreaked. When i try to jailbreak them i keep getting this message: The Apple Tv could not be restored. This device isn't eligible for the requested build. Does anyone know what i should do???

throw them in the garbage

In case you didn't already get your answer te older firmware is no longer signed by apply so the restore now fails. There is also no jailbreak yet for the new atv firmware. Best you can do is wait for the next jailbreak. You will have to update your boxes as well which is simple enough.

check under the support page theres a way around it with total commander i have done 2 this way it works.

O.K I banged my head for 2 damn days with the same issues you all are having, I finally got it and have successfully jailbroke 2 atvs today(3/18/2012) you wanna know how I did it? I bet you do! send me 1,000,000,000 bux and I will be posting a youtube video most likely but for right now I will just explain it out the best I can.

1. Download ifaith
2. Dump your shsh blob (AND SAVE IT TO A VERY SAFE LOCATION!!!)
3. Once completed it will send you back to the beggining
4. Create a IPSW with iFaith from the SHSH blob you created
5. From here I tried to go to Snowbreeze and use the iFath restore not the simple mode and it created a Signed IPSW but I was unable to restore thru iTunes it just hung on preparing blah blah blah, So I restored the factory signed IPSW that iFaith had created and it restored without a problem! But no jailbreak as of yet.(I deleted the Snowbreeze signed IPSW that I had previously created)
6. I then connected it to the TV and set it up and unplugged it
7. Go into Snowbreeze and USE the iFaith mode NOT the simple mode and create a ISPW using the SHSH blob and when it is finshed it will load iTunes and you should be all set!

Make sure you follow the directions and put it into DFU mode when asked

You may be able to skip some steps, I tried and it didn't work but hey it might for you! It installs NitoTv but I had to shsh into the ATV 2 to install XBMC found on the apples and oranges website because it was missing a lot of sources.

This WILL work! if you have any problems let me know! BUT I HIGHLY SUGGEST YOU BACKUP THE SHSH USING iFAITH and restoring before you run Snowbreeze! After a fresh Restore with the iFaith signed firmware THEN hook it to your TV! After that Run Snowbreeze and create a new signed firmware using the iFaith mode not the simple mode and restore again with the Snowbreeze signed firmware.

I have a fix and so far have done 2 apple tvs one with 4.4.4 and one with 4.3 today(4/18/2012). I will upload the instructions in an hour or so. I have one more to do so I will do a step by step, I could probably do it now but I really don't want to miss a step. This is working 100%!!!! DO NOT UPDATE to 5.0 just let me finish this one up and when I do the last one I will write it step by step as I do it. Hang loose and you will be jailbroken before the night is over I PROMISE!!

anything yet?

Probably your problem is that Apple is not signing anymore the 4.x.x versions. If your atv is new, then I'm pretty sure you don't have your SHSH blobs, so there is no chance you can jailbreak it until a new exploit comes out for 5.0 version.

same issue as the last 2 guys - got a new atv2 has fw 4.4.3 (3330) go to run seasonpass and says 'this apple tv is not eligible for this version' HELP

i have an apple tv 2 running 4.4.4 (3330) yet when i start seasonpass it says this apple tv is not eligible for this verison but i connect a jailbroken apple tv same verison that ive done it starts downloading the firmware whats going on?

mine has the FC logo but not the music movies tabs etc.. only internet, computer and settings. someone please advise. thanks

Keep getting stuck on patching ram. Tried rebooting, and updating all software, but can't get past the patching ram screen.

Also tried looking for virtualPC plugin thing but no luck there either. At a complete loss.

My experience:

- I used a MBP to do the jailbrake. Go to the preferences pane and select Security & Privacy and i marked "Disable remote control infrared reciever". My laptop keeped going to sleep (Zzz) because of the remote.

- Furthermore i got an error after the DFU mode and restoring the Apple TV, so i reset the device first and made it update the software to the latest iOS version. Then i retried and it worked

- To het it in DFU indeed, use the power cable at first, then remove it.

This made my ATV jailbrake a breeze.. hope this helps.

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