Seas0nPass Cuts the Cord

Today we're happy to release an updated version of Seas0nPass (for Mac) that includes an untethered jailbreak for the AppleTV 4.1.1 (iOS 4.2.1) software. All credit for the untethered jailbreak process goes to the Chronic Dev Team.

Seas0nPass for Windows is also being finalized with the untether and will be available soon.

The latest Beta3 version of aTV Flash (black) is compatible with Seas0nPass, GreenPois0n and Pwnage Tool jailbreaks. 

Note: If you've already jailbroken with GreenPois0n (RC 6.1) you do not need to re-jailbreak - both Seas0nPass and GreenPois0n contain the same jailbreak components.

The updated version, and user guides can be found at

Enjoy :-)


I know there is an updated version of xbmc - at least for the desktop client. It fixed some bugs with skins and some plugins and other crap I like to fool with. Was curious how I might be able to update that version for ATV black? Is this something you do under the maintenance section? Or is this something that xbmc will have to do? Let me know. Great job on all the work guys. Always a blast finding out what you guys are up to.

So I got the untethered jailbreak to run after some hassle and all seemed good, but now that it's done I can't seem to see anything different with my AppleTV2. I set everything up and it's just the same, EXCEPT now it's saying it needs to update the software, so I said screw it and decided to wait until this is all a little more refined and there's more to do with Plex. Only problem is now the AppleTV software will not update. It tries to, downloads, begins to run, but fails.

Any ideas? Is there a reset?

To explain further, while updating Step 1 is where it fails (preparing). It just says "The update was not successful."

If I am not mistaken, you should wait on the update. There is no Jailbrake availiable for 4.3 ATV2G

Hey, Guys!

How long will it need, until the Video-Features will be available?

This was the reason I pays for ATV Flash.

And when you say "It will be available in Early February" then "It will be available in February" and then "It will be available in the end of February" and now we have March the 6th and it isn't available, there's something wrong with your Time-management.

If this would be a free Beta, noone would care about that date, but we have paid for it.

We've hit a few snags so it's taking us a bit longer to complete than anticipated - but it's definitely still coming.

Have an idea for Infuse? Tell us.

Don't let the detractors bother you. Fire core is the only company making the amazing Apple TV available to us, and I for one am a proud customer, who looks forward to replacing my ATV with ATV2.

Keep up the good work, and just let us know when we can hook up our drives and enjoy our movies!

Ps: since the ATV2 is essentially an iPod touch, what are the odds of running Tuneinradio or XM On
Ine on our ATV2 in the future?

Where have you been?

GP Had fircore beat a month before firecore had a Unteathered JB.

And to top it off GP has many of the same fetures for FREE!!

Plus GP works!!! with no problems.

Firecore is just a joke and steals money.

They ant got a clue what there doing.

Just read the forums of all the pissed off people.

Greenpois0n is the way to go by far

Why do you keep coming back knocking firecore? If you prefer Greenpois0n, then please go away and let the people who want to work with firecore have productive comments!

Don't worry buddy.

I'm staying around and watch all you guys cry about how nothing works for ya.

Plus i like things that work!! and that is free!!

Like GP!

Also if you did'nt relize it already fircore supports and advertises greenpois0n

Maybe you missed that part?

First of all, you're nothing but a troll, living in mommy and daddy's basement, spewing rage. Misguided rage, at that. To say that Firecore is trying to take credit for Greenpois0n's jailbreak is ridiculous, as evidenced by the first paragraph in thier post, which clearly says " All credit for the untethered jailbreak process goes to the Chronic Dev Team." Second, if you understood anything about software development at all, you'd know that things don't happen overnight, especially when you are trying to engineer software to run on a device that it was not meant to run on. Sure, you know how to run a script (script kiddie, perhaps?), but give it a rest, would you? Once the new features are released, I'm sure you'll find fault with them, but I for one firmly believe that the Firecore team is working diligently to release the best sofware posible.

Your about an ass if i ever seen one.

If you have been paying attention you would have know i had the ATV2 Jb LONG before FC and GP.

I have been writing code for over 30 years and own a software company you jack ass.

Go back into the forum and find my post and links to the very first JB that i wrote myslelf.

The ATV2 is so easy to hack and JB.

It should have only taken FC a week max to write this code.

It only took me four days to write and JB the ATV2.

So stick it up your ass and go cry to your mommy ya stupid ass!!

Ah yes, your the one who cant get his timeline right on when the 386 came out! I believe, via google (its your friend), that the 386 came out 10 years after the first Apple. Oh, and please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong as I know you will!

If you own a software company, you must either be not doing that well as you have nothing better to do than site on this forum, or your looking to see what others are doing and cannot come up with your own idea's. Also, if you are so good at writing code, then please feel free to write something worth while other than the BS you have been writing here.

Sure you did. That's why you posted. "I'm just sitting here looking at this little black box and wondering how to make it work?", said you paid, saifd you didn't pay. You're a joke, and a liar.

And you believe everything you read?

Clearly not, "Mr. Jailbreaker".

Come on guys let them get it finished properly. It would go much quicker if they didn't have to answer so many questions.

It wont be far away. Its only $20 not exactly break the bank material.

All I know is I'm looking forward to Beta215. As long it's a beta I really can't complain can I?

Video: .m4v, .mp4, .mov - more coming soon:

I agree, Almost everthing that ATV Flash (black) offers right now you can get free else where!

Video: m4v, mp4, mov,,.,. will MKV be supported, and will the Apple tv 2 be able to handle them. I have been having a hard time streaming MKV to XBMC ( Shutter and Glitch)!!


After using the new untethered season pass and atv flash black (which I love by the way), should I still save the shsh blobs just in case? Tiny Umbrella doesnt seem to be working. Any thoughts on this? Let me know. Thanks.

i tried to run this, but it seems that is stuck forever downloading the ipsw from apple, is this normal ?

Have to agree with some of the anonymousa comments, the NAS support/VOB playing is the key thing for many people, its too slow coming and not a wisper for weeks of that development. I'm feeling conned as well. How do I get my $20 back?

The same way you get your money back on a Pizza you didn't like the taste of !

You mean the pizza that was promising pepperoni when it left the restaurant, but showed up without it, then they told you to start eating it anyway, the pepperoni would be delivered in just a few minutes, but never shows up?

You might want to try a different analogy.

Missing pepperoni?

I'm still waiting for the pizza to show

It's still under heavy development, just taking a bit longer to get a few things right.

A new preview screenshot can be seen here:

Have an idea for Infuse? Tell us.

A pic is not proof. Refund please.

These screenshots are becoming nothing but a joke.

They had screenshots back when beta black first came out.

Firecore all talk.

Guys ITS A BETA! , which means you have to put up with things like this.. Its quite clear on the web site its a BETA , so stop complaining.. and let the guys get on with it..

So BETA software means BETA not fully working and not bug free ... :)

Actually that is an ALPHA prototype... BETA is close to full release, bug fixing etc. BETA is not pre-creation of core product functions, so this is straight up misleading...

I applaud the Firecore guys for doing this, but if they worded the sale properly, no one would have complained. It's all about managing expectations. I would have still paid them if they told me they would put the money towards hot pockets and pepsi while they tried to crack this thing... Instead, they over promised and under delivered...

greenpois0n with XBMC does 90% of what i wanted, it cost nothing, took 5 minutes to install and just works. I would love to see the Firecore guys make a big donation to the devs behind greenpois0n, that sort of gesture would also probably get people off their back for taking their money...

No, at this point it's vaporware.

Still waiting for someone to tell me how to get my refund.

The best way to handle this is via email.

Have an idea for Infuse? Tell us.

Refund received, thank you.

Thanks for the refund

Mail sent

You got a e-mail

I prefer the AppleTV, but Boxee Box is looking better every day.

Agreed. I have never downloaded thus never installed ATV Flash (black), though I bought it before Christmas. Always waiting for that NAS and file support that seems to be "just around the corner". I have no confidence it's coming anytime soon.

Officially requesting explaination of the process to receive refund.

U are too funny

Getting Error 21 when the restore is almost done ...trying the new untethered jailbreak...anyone know whats it means ?

It seems that the only stuff that makes it into the FireCore product is something someone else has done. We've never seen anything more than screenshots of alternate file support, NAS, etc. Are we waiting for someone else to develop those too?

I bought the product in December, because they claimed support for other file formats was imminent, in fact, the gist would lead one to believe, before New Years. Since then, we've seen stuff like this, and upgraded Couch Surfer take the stage, yet the main feature that most people seem to want continues to be ignored.

Yes, I'm sure someone will say it wasn't ignored, we've been working hard on it in the basement. If that's the case, then why not release a new beta with NAS and alternate file support in it? We know it'll be buggy, we expect it to be, and expect it to crash, just prove that the claims weren't all smoke & mirrors.

At this point, your approval rating is at an all time low, and I get the strong feeling that I've been screwed out of $20. Please, prove me wrong.

I have been saying this for months.

This is why it is taking so long.

Firecore is just sitting back and waiting for the other guys to finish up.

Then Firecore will take credit for it.

It's all just a con to get your money.

There getting rich with your money and having others do the work for them.

Can you say fraud?

Umm obviously people dont know what BETA means... And isn't it : They're getting rich.. not "There getting rich...."


I have installed XBMC, and can mount smb-drives from my NAS.

Still I believe it would be better to be able to mount the AFP filesystem, however the smb already is nice.

Now -m if only apple could fox the stereo only bug it would be nice (means, I can't watch my movies in 5.1 after listening to a stereo audio source).

I'm with the Anonymous guy. I'm also missing the VIDEO TS feature.

But the thing that bugs me the most is the lack of VPN support. I want to put in my StrongVPN PPTP account in my AppleTV. All other complicated solution that have been posted around are just nonsense and useless. I WANT VPN, regular, simple.


i got the same problem with you,so i stopped waitin on firecore to provide me vpn,now im just using HMA VPN directly from my router,and i removed the stupid atv flash black from my atv2,its running smooth with Netflix

Nice, you had Seas0nPass updated, great news LOL

Now please, go back working at NAS streaming, cover art, metadata fetching, and full hardware video decoding as you promised to be ready for early February.

And, while you are at it, try to do it better than XBMC, which is free.

anyone having problems with the HDMI connection? ive loaded the jailbreak and used ATV flash black to install the maintenance package, and when i plug the apple tv in it will bounce back and forth between the home screen and nothing being plugged in (no signal on the samsung hd tv) when the menu pops up for a brief second i can see the maintenance column sos i know the jailbreak worked and i know that flash was installed but cant seem to get it to work properly. ive tried different HDMI cords. and the ATV was working fine prior to the upgrade. expect for the tether (tee hee).

anyone have experience, after a jb with GP rc6 from fresh itunes restore, seems everything working: injected cydia and nito tv installed, ssh works, but if you unplug power cord and relaunch ATV2 it show a black screen in the tv?? software will be loaded because on pressing the remote I hear sound from my tv.

I was unable to "killall" via ssh because I don't known if it was connect to wifi....unique chance reinstal again everything...and don't unplug power cord...

any suggestion? I try it 2 times also over a seasonpas thered jb


I understand that it is easier for people that are not familiar with the jailbreak community, but seriously, time and effort could have been more focused on the core product. A simple link to the greenpois0n website, and instructions would have handled the people who dont know anything about jailbreaks. Seas0npass was not the first jb tool for apple tv 2g, redsnow was. Anyway, I appreciate your efforts on atv flash(black), but leave the jailbreaks to the people who are in the jailbreak biz...

Personally, I want them to continue working on both Seas0nPass and aTV Flash (black). I'm just waiting for them to release the new Seas0nPass for Windows now, since I can't run the Mac version (iMac G5 running Mac OS X v10.5).

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