aTV Flash (black) 1.3 released

It's not quite Valentine's Day, but we couldn't wait to show how much we love you all - so today we have a fresh new version just for you. Version 1.3 includes an all-new firmware backup option, new translations, playback enhancements and a whole slew of other improvements and fixes.

Full details on what's new and how to update can be found below.

Automated Firmware Backups

New in version 1.3 is an option to automatically backup firmware signatures. This feature will integrate seamlessly with the upcoming version of Seas0nPass, allowing for one-click restores to the firmware of your choosing.

Full Changelog

  • Added automated firmware signature backups
  • Added Danish, Dutch, French, Greek, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, and Spanish translations
  • Added support for advanced (learned) remote commands
  • Added support for multiple external subtitles (,, etc...)
  • Added support for folder based organization/playback
  • Added support for embedded DVD chapters
  • Added chapters section heading to Playback Menu
  • Added global zoom setting
  • Improved playback performance for movies with invalid timestamps
  • Improved appearance of VobSub subtitles
  • Improved metadata fetching for localized file names
  • Improved audio track filtering
  • Improved playback bar to match native player
  • Improved metadata and bulk folder fetching stability
  • Improved Media > Settings menu layout
  • Resolved issues with folder name changing on metadata fetching
  • Resolved issues with buffering
  • Resolved rare DVD related crash
  • Resolved floating AFP issue that was causing connection issues
  • Resolved floating buffer overflow in software decoder
  • Minor changes to Grid View appearance
  • Minor UI improvements
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes

Hooray! Where can I get it?

If you're already running a version of aTV Flash (black) the new 1.3 version can be installed through the Maintenance --> Manage Extras menu. Links for the new version can also be found in your account under the Downloads tab.

If you're not yet using aTV Flash (black) you can learn about all the great benefits here.

Enjoy. :-)


I have ripped Blurays to an iso but I can not get the ATV2 to read them. I like to keep the full menus etc and this works fine with DVDs. I use AnyDVD HD to create the iso. Does the media player have the ability to read Bluray isos? Or do I need to be patient and wait for jailbreaking on the ATV3 with its added processing power?

I too would like to know how today's new Apple TV will be compatible with your product.

Will the current version of the software be compatible with the new apple TV?

I would like to know this too, but I have to assume that they yet don't have one to test with. I hope they will let us know when they know. I want to use this software, so I will wait till it is compatible, or they tell us it isn't. My hope is we won't have to re-buy the software.


Is there a way to keep track of the watched movies outside the ATV ?
Like with or something ?

This would be reeeeaaally cool not to loose the watched list when moving movies' directory !

Thank You.

For some reason anything I have done in HD quality will no longer play after the last update. It includes media that I have played multiple times in the past. I get "Memory Warning. Your device is running low on memory." I have reset first through the relaunch function and then a hard reboot. Still same.

I have tried to send in diagnostic, but it also errors with the same warning.

SD quality mp4's (all my stuff is mp4 H.264) continue to work, as does everything else. The HD mp4 works through iTunes.

It started working again.

When my screensaver is on and i break the screensaver, the TV "reloads" i get a blackscreen and I jump back to the mainmenu... Whats this?

edit - no matter, used windows installer instead

'Added support for folder based organization/playback' - what exactly is this feature and how to take advantage of this feature? Can anyone on the forum help please?

I didn't understand that one either. I asked too, but I didn't get an answer

A number of users have chosen to organize their media by creating an individual folders for each movie.

For example, you may have a folder named 'Inception' inside which you would have things like: Inception.mkv,, and Inception.jpg.

In the previous version you would need to navigate inside the Inception folder to view the metadata and play the movie. Now metadata will be shown for the folder itself, and clicking it will begin playback.

Have an idea for Infuse? Tell us.

This does Not work for my Television Shows in Folders.

Same here. Added support for this would be great. However it would have to be multiple nested folders as in :

Californiacation > Season # > List of shows for that season

But being able to pull meta data for the show as well as the artwork from the screen of shows would be sweet.

Gotcha! Thanks.Smile

James - just rejailbroke and installed updated flash (newest seasonpass) - I had been unable to update anything with the most recent versions (maintenance, nitotv etc under the maintenance tab - seemed to be not enough memory or something - submitted to firecore and was told to rejailbreak).

Not sure why hd files that had a terrible problem playing before now play much better - even with the warning that they may be jittery - they're quite decent, few buffering issues as with last version. But my .avi and mp4 file (I think) playback clear but just a little jittery...they had been smooth before.

Posters load up faster now for sure - happy about that.

Will the ability to clear your previously watched files under Media from appearing on the main menu screen be coming back. That was a great feature.

I think we definitely need ATV flash black's Media app. for iOS devices just to manage media contents.. it will be really cool.

Can we able to play media files from Extenal HDD or USB Flash drive ?

aTV Flash is great but one missing function forces me to use XBMC instead: Wake-On-Lan for waking up my NAS

Great Idea! I hope James will add this feature in the next version! :)

I'm having problem playing 720p MKVs... It used to work fine.. Now its buffering all the time..

I intend to use aTV Flask as the media player software for a simple digital signage display.
Does anyone know if it would be possible to use it in a way that it turns the Apple TV on at a certain time or after a power outage, loops a video file until a certain time and then puts the Apple Tv in stand-by mode or turns it off?

Sorry for my previous post. I take my words back because everything is working perfectly & flawlessly. ISo files are working very fine. Thanks. Waiting for ATV 5.1 seas0npass for mirroring. :-))))

Thanks again.

hi, i heared about zape tele it`s working in apple tv, could some one tell me can i do it.


Hi - I'm on 4.4.4, ATV 1.2. I'm trying to update via maintenance>extras. All the available options to update (Maintenance, NitoTv, XBMC, Weather, Media Player and Couch Surfer) will not update. I get an Update failed. When I click on the view error log - it shows a screen with "INSTALLATION FAILED!" at the top but an empty black box on the rest of the screen with no info.
Any idea whats going on. Sounds dumb but I'll add it anyways in case it helps...had been running well with no issues, was away from home for a week so had atv unplugged the whole time, plugged it in yesterday and now no luck with these items.

Also of note - inside XBMC - none of my addons are updateing successfully, and any attempt to reinstall them or whatnot gives me installation errors there as well (I know its not your issue there, but again, in case it helps).

My files are still streaming from my pc. XBMC is Eden B2. My NitoTv is in my Overflow (I only mention because I know that the Internet being in there caused me some grief before.....)


Also having the same problem. Message Installation Failed with nothing in the log. Any suggestions?

Whats up whit AirPlay Mirroring from my iPad to my Apple tv 2 and now its coming to OS X M Lion?

Hi James,

Love aTV Flash. It's great. Just two suggestions and wondering if they are on the radar...

1.) Genre selection ... I know its probably not being scraped in the metadata now, but this would be huge for us...being able to sort by Comedy...Christmas...or Children for example.
2.) Media Scraping for TV Shows at the Folder Level. (eg. All of our tv shows are organized at the highest level into would be nice if we scrolled over that folder that we were given an overview of the series along with a thumbnail and background photo).



I agree, this would be awesome! One can only dream...

Wanna feel apple tv very private at nights, is it possible to get its bluetooth a2dp capability activated, Because i wanna watch them with my a2dp headphones. rest everything works fine except iso files, that were fine too in 1.2 version.. Thanks james.

why is my atv still english? i thougt its already localised in german since minimum the last two versions?!
do i have to do something manually for getting german language support? i dont get it....

Version 1.3 added Danish, Dutch, French, Greek, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, and Spanish translations.

German, and other translations will be included in the next version.

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Korean translations & smi support plz.

Yes I agree, Korean would make it perferct.

Would be so nice to be able to stream DVDs from Mac/PC to AppleTV without a lot of Console coding ;-)

You can stream DVD files from a Mac, PC or NAS drive by following the guide here.

Have an idea for Infuse? Tell us.

James, would be nice to stream right from DVD drive? In the works??

hello firecore team,

I wanted my apple jailbreak a second time but no longer.! works!
Ooops, I get the answer, not much for the money!
And why do not receive one from you. Three e-mails are not enough??

hello, after endless attempts to edit my apple tv to your software,
It is still not as it should be.
and now the update 5.0.
as we go from here? I have to wait now for the 5.0 jailbreak, right?

best regards

sorry for my englisch !!!

Yes, strike!

Now the MPGE2 playback is fast enough to play recorded DVB-T movies - which have a lower bitrate than DVB-S/-C. No more need switch to XBMC for playing the DVB-T recordings.

Thank you!

Loving my ATV Flash black, best software support I have ever had! Keep it up

Can I suggest that with the media player you add the option to delete individual metadata files, when the wrong metadata is added to a file and the right one can't be found the system still dispays the wrong one and that can't be deleted or edited.

Thanks, lutz

There are apps out there that can do what you want. I have a Mac & use the app Identify. It adds everything. Just Google around.

You can correct invalid metadata by following the steps here.

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Version 1.3 bad version
I made installation of 2 x Apple V2, with version 1.3, both have the same error
Have major problems when using media player, it can not play. Img file and restart when playing a movie, or just lookup a movie. it run just super with version 1.2

I have the same problem. Have also 2x aTV(black) but only installed version 1.3 on one of them. Now that one is really buggy when running several file types from my NAS using Media Player. Hence I have to run those in XBMC. ....have been looking for a link to where I can download version 1.2 again??

Can you tell us more about your problem?

Sorry for the trouble.

Have an idea for Infuse? Tell us.

audio loses sync on Resume or if you fast forward or rewind

Hi, anybody know how i put netflix on my Apple tv2 as now netflix working in uk.


You have to change your country in settings-general-itunes store to USA, then the menu option will appear. However, I have found that I get "Netflix is currently unavailable" although for others it seems to work

hope it helps


Thanks for this great addition to the AppleTV, it works fine and very easy. It realy adds value !!

For me it would be nice to get the possibility to access Picasa to show my online pictures and to listen to my online music via Google music. Hopefully I will find these possibilities in a next release.

Thanks for keeping up the good work....


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