State of the ATV3

Since the release of the ATV3 in March of this year we've received a ton of interest from folks wanting to get aTV Flash (black) up and running on their new devices. From a development standpoint the hardware was almost perfect...1080p capable, with a faster processor and more RAM...what else could you ask for? Well unfortunately the powers that be have not (yet) shared our enthusiasm for running 3rd party apps on the Apple TV, and the burden of jailbreaking these devices (in order to get apps onto them) has remained unchanged since the release of the ATV2 in 2010. 

As you may recall we were very optimistic about the ATV3 when it originally launched back in March, and while this optimism remains unchanged it's clear things have not progressed as quickly as anyone would have liked. The biggest hurdle that has yet to be overcome is also the most essential - the jailbreak. While we tend to think of ourselves as pretty resourceful, the security related expertise that is required in order to release a jailbreak for iOS based devices like the ATV is just not in our wheelhouse, and we're simply left to encourage the capable few as best we can. No one is more anxious than us to get the ATV3 opened up to 3rd party apps, but due to the reasons mentioned above we're not able to provide any kind of release timeline right now.

With all that said, we still think an Apple TV with aTV Flash is the best bang for your buck media center on the market, and things will only improve once the ATV3 is ultimately opened up to apps (whether that be via a jailbreak or an official app store). However, this means that for the time being the fun will be limited to the ATV1 and ATV2 which are fully supported by the current versions of aTV Flash and aTV Flash (black) respectively. Both these models can easily be found on many sites such as Amazon and eBay, though the ATV2s usually carry a bit of a premium.

In closing, we're extremely grateful to all those who have continued to support us over the past few years, and even though we don't have an ATV3 version to announce at this point we do have a number of exciting new things in store for the remaining portion of 2012. Keep your eyes on this blog as well as our Twitter feed for all the details.

All the best.



maybe you should give an update... just if there is any update or just tell there is not update... but say something..

i think this site sucks.. all about the money....

still waiting... :-(

More bullshit???
Software Development Status Update :
Apple TV 3 Untethered Version - Completed
Beta Testing is now over. Our team would like to tank all our users who helped us in the beta testing process
Current Development Stage: User Interface
The software will be available for public download(free) after graphic interface is completed.

No Jailbreak, it´s a FAKE !!!

No dude, this is official. There was an announcement last night. Release is coming day by day.

No dude this is fake


Unfortunately is fake, again.

Some idiots like to gain money by posting fake news..

Hello robi666,

Is this official?



Like I said is Duke Nukem Forever all over again.

Hahaha i remwmber how that went

duurt lang!


hello Firecore, why can't you just give an update or any reaction to all the questions.. ;-)

because there is no updates ... they're all full of shit.

je moeder is full of shit

Hahaha nice one.
Damn, want to play MKV's directly.

Yes me 2... :-( we Have to wait...

Any indication on a release date for the ATV3 Seas0nPass jailbreak and firecore?

Are we being held back by the jailbreak of iOS 6.0 or is Seas0nPass independent? As the rumours are not optimistic for an untethered jailbreak.

Is there a way i can register for a beta of firecore ATV3 using a tethered jailbreak?

still waiting... dammit xD

Was using TVersity through my PS3 but apple tv seems to be much easier. I'm watching movies flawlessly with my atv 3. What gets better if I jailbreak?

Hello Firecore!
I have 3 Tv, and 1 Apple TV 2nd gen and 2 Apple TV 3rd gen, and NAS.
I thinking about Apple TV 2nd gen use as server (media server -plex, other app), because 3rd gen use a client to play stream ( NAS->ATV2->ATV3->TV).
Is this possible?


Hi Guys,

What happened to "a number of exciting new things in store for the remaining portion of 2012"? I didnt see anything get released?

Thanks for the help!


We ended up pushing this update back a bit, but with any luck it will be out within the next week or so. Smile

Have an idea for Infuse? Tell us.

Yeeeehaaaaaa - just unboxed my new ATV3, can't wait to have it connected with my Synology NAS :-)
U guys ROCK :-)

Unfortunately this update will be ATV2 only. Sorry. Frown

Have an idea for Infuse? Tell us.

Oooohhh :-(
Was sure I saw a news post at Firecore announcing it was very close with the ATV3 jailbreak....too bad!
There are no beta versions or other breaks availible for tbe ATV3??

Unfortunately not. The news you see above is still accurate as of today. Frown

Have an idea for Infuse? Tell us.


Excited! Cool

Thanks for the help!


there was a video of a ATV3 with Nito installed on Youtube for a day apparently - not seen myself, so might have been a hoax...

Thanks for all your efforts guys, to date I have loved my ATV2 and you guys for providing the awesome firmware allowing me to turn the somewhat useless small black apple device in to a fantastic, slick media centre. That said it has always been a love hate relationship, forever feeling the chains and restrictions of IOS stopping me when I start to feel adventurous and would like more from my mc. I have now discovered android in a stick aka iMito MX2. Wow what an amazing device. So much punch and functionality in such a small package. 1080p Dual core cpu, quad core GPU means my media centre just became a 3d gaming platform, internet browser etc etc and all at a fraction of the cost of an ATV

I thought I would post this up for anyone looking to try something else and also frustrated with not being able to benefit from better spec ATV 3.

I've bought ATV3 2 months ago without knowing there was no jailbreak yet.
After some nanoseconds of internet research I was aware :)
Didn't use the device yet until now. I hope 2013 will bring us the ATV3 jailbreak soon!!!
Are there any update's yet?
Thanks for jailbreaking.

It's not the fact that there is no jailbreak for atv3
It's the lock of information we get from everybody
I like to hear from somebody if there will be a jailbreak in a near future
Is it because is free? If that is the case please charge us but
at least show some interest, I'm tire of looking for forums with
Some type of info....we deserve better

I agree


I agree with you all! I got a ATV3 around Christmas time not knowing about the jailbreak issue. Now I'm stuck with a useless hockey puck that I occasionally use for a coaster! Apple you are depriving the people of better technological experience. If Apple TV remains locked sales will further drop! Apple you should help unlock the device then bring out a secure ATV4 to keep everyone hooked! Thats the best marketing strategy you could use. It would keep the underground seen that doubles your income alive yet it would keep your newest product as the holy grail. Best of both worlds!


Your last update is from the end of november.

Would you be so kind to give us a status update?


paying firecore customer

Hmmm, you guys aren't making friends by the looks of things. I was about to get rid of my 2 x ATV1 since i am tired of ftp etc, but what I see here makes me wonder. Say something to instill some confidence, guys. There are many of us who have supported you from the beginning...

im waiting also...
any news? thanks a lot

Is there any update to be given regarding the ATV3 jailbreak ?
This since it is 2013 and December is over ...

My membership was waisted waiting for this jailbreak :(

I agree, I shoudn't have paid for both versions of ATV in the hope that maybe one day something might be released!

Membership of what?

same here... wasted money

Yep... this is a joke.

it's obvious there won't be a JB for ATV 3; it should be done long time ago, like iphone 4, 4S. There are plenty other devices for similar (after JB) usage. Visiting sites like atv news, atv3jailbrake news, etc. you just make for that scum idiots money.

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